A Natural Way To Treat TMJ Pain

Got jaw pain?  Here’s something that may help.

Fake chewing.  Here’s how:

  • Put your lips together.
  • Teeth apart.
  • Pretend you are chewing.

That small movement uses your jaw muscles and increases circulation in them.  That’s why it helps them relax.

Some people with tight jaw muscles and TMJ pain find that chewing actually Continue reading


Natural TMJ Pain Relief Cure Involves Your Teeth

Got pain around your jaw joint?  Are you looking for a different natural TMJ pain relief technique?  I had the opportunity to interview Philip Taylor DDS (<– click here to listen.)

Dr. Taylor is the author of TMJ Cured.  He says that fixing the bite is the answer.

So how do you do that?

Basically, one tooth at a time.  If your teeth don’t mesh properly–if some hit together too soon–it can Continue reading