Something Fun For Natural Pain Relief

I just discovered a social sharing site called Pinterest.  It’s interesting!

Go to and you will find my Pinterest Board.  It’s all about natural pain relief and living the good life.

Click on the Board and it will open up.

My goal is to create a relaxing, soothing, helpful, healthy and fun Board.

Go on–relax a while.  And let me know what you think.


Take Action and Get Rid of Pain Naturally

I received two emails this past week from people with extensive discomfort and pain.  The really cool thing is they were both thank-you notes from people who took action and are getting better.  Part of one is below.

Remember:  It doesn’t matter if you educate yourself about your pain and other uncomfortable symptoms unless you take action.

There is a saying that you can’t hire someone to do your sit-ups for you.  You have to do them yourself.  (But I am not a fan of sit-ups; just suck your belly into your spine and hold it.)

“I stumbled upon your site and was astonished at my complete ignorance about the mechanics of my own body – specifically how my neck, shoulders and arm were all so closely related.

When I read your article that explained how the muscles of the shoulder can become imbalanced – I knew I was on to something – you described many of my issues and the subsequent pain perfectly. I immediately put some of your tips into practice – the shoulder rolls, the arm circles and using the bed as a resistance training tool..and even though the movements were painful at first, I kept at it because it was a good pain, if that makes any sense.”

I have experienced and Continue reading


The Attitude Of Gratitude Can Reduce Your Pain!

Did you know that gratitude can actually reduce your pain and stress?  Being grateful for all of the good things and people that are in your life is good medicine.

Being thankful actually boosts your immune system and kicks in the ‘feel-good’ natural chemicals in your body.

Gratitude will help you enjoy your life more and feel better.

There is way too much reliance on medication for peace of mind and pain relief.  A simple, natural technique like this–being grateful–may be just what the doctor ordered!  (Or should have.)

Ok, you have 10 seconds.  Now, quick–tell me at least 5 things that you are thankful for.  Need a little help?

What made you feel happy today?

  • What made you smile?
    What did you see that was beautiful or took your breath away?
    What tasted good?
    Did you watch something pleasant in nature?
    Did you share a joke and someone laughed?
    Did something NOT hurt?
    Is something getting better or healing?
    Did the sun come up?

Ask yourself as many questions as you need to pump up your Vitamin G – Gratitude – and you can start feeling better fast.  🙂    (No bad side effects, either!)


Tight Muscles Cause Pain – What’s The Cure

What happens if the muscles in your chest and shoulders are too tight?  Can this cause pain?

You bet!

And what about the muscles in your hips–your gluteal muscles?  Can they press on your sciatic nerve if they are “too tight” and cause sciatic pain?

You bet!

So what can you do to get rid of your pain? And what causes it, anyway?

Well, here’s the replay of an interview that explains a lot.  The Nurses’ Station (<–click here) interviewed me and we covered a lot of ground about the causes and natural cures for many different types of pain.


What Is The REAL Cause Of Your Pain

The real cause of your pain depends on whom you ask.  🙂

There are medical professionals who will say your pain may be caused by pressure on nerves.  Yes but what is causing the pressure?  Bones don’t move on their own and neither do discs.

There are professionals who will link your pain to muscles.  Yes but why are your muscles so unhappy that Continue reading


Interview With Dr. Brian Rothbart, Pain Relief Specialist

Dr. Brian Rothbart is a researcher and professor who discovered that something happening in your feet may be causing your chronic pain.  Pretty interesting stuff!

I had the honor to interview Dr. Rothbart, who is a pain relief expert.  Note:  Not a pain management specialist but a pain relief specialist.

You can listen to the replay of the interview here:

I love it when Dr. Rothbart says that by getting rid of the cause of your pain you can get rid of your pain.  You bet!

That’s pretty much what most of the conventional medical field is missing.  They too often treat symptoms instead of getting to the source–the cause–and getting rid of it.

Enjoy the replay of the interview with Dr. Rothbart and leave your comments here afterward.  I’d love to know what you think.


How Does Your Body Heal Naturally?

Bodies heal all the time.  That’s their job!  And that includes YOUR body.

It is true that we age but we can feel well and be healthy as we age.  Here’s an article that will explain more about how your body heals naturally.  Just click the link, below.

You deserve to feel better.  Take good care of yourself and give your body the nutrients it needs including healthy food, mineral supplements, sunshine, water, movement and enough sleep.


Natural Pain Relief–Who Is In Charge Of Your Body?

I recently read an excellent book about natural pain relief. It has a great disclaimer. It said, basically, if you think you need the protection of a disclaimer, then close the book now.

The author (Pete Egoscue) believes that the most important consultation is the one each person has with himself or herself. He believes in taking personal responsibility for one’s own health. I’m with him!

I think he is very wise and you will be very wise if you take responsibility for your own health and well-being.

Your body wants to be well and pain-free.

Your body is logical.  It hurts for reasons.  It stops functioning well because of “something.”

When you figure out what the “something”–the reason–is you can Continue reading


Ten Simple Pain Relief “Secrets”

There are simple techniques you can use to get out of pain.  There are easy movements and simple “tools” which will help you get back to where you want to be.  There are logical ways to eat, move and live which will enable you to feel well and function without pain.

So, what are the “10 Simple Pain Relief Secrets?”

1.  Be responsible for your own wellness.
2.  Take good care of your body:  feed it wholesome foods as close to natural as possible and avoid fake foods and additives.
3.  Reduce your stress.
4.  Improve your posture.
5.  Stretch in the correct directions.  That means in the opposite directions of those you usually are stuck in.
6.  Breathe deeply.  Move your ribs.
7.  Get enough sleep.
8.  Drink sufficient water.
9.  Become knowledgeable about your body and the causes of your pain.
10.Do what you need to do to become pain-free, naturally.

I am looking forward to sharing with you.

“Because You Deserve To Feel Better!”


Prevention Is The Highest Form Of Healing

“Prevention is the highest form of healing and surgery should always be considered the last resort.”   That’s on the back cover of a comprehensive book about eye care called The Eye Care Sourcebook by Jay B. Lavine, M.D.

And it’s true!

What does prevention mean?  It means taking care of yourself.  It means getting rid of “junk foods” in your house and body.  (There is a reason they are called junk food, right?)

Prevention means getting fresh air, using your Continue reading