Natural Weight Loss Technique

Want an easy, all natural weight loss program?

It is really easy to lose weight if you take these steps:

1.  Only eat things that grew.

(Bread doesn’t grow, cereal didn’t grow, ice cream didn’t grow…you get the idea.)   😉

Fruits, vegetables, some meat or eggs or fish, whole grains like brown rice or whole oats–those are things that grew.  You can eat all the veggies you want, either raw or cooked.

Add a little olive oil or butter on cooked veggies if you want.  If you add salt try to make it sea salt.

Cook your whole grains.  Make them from scratch.  If you bring a pot to boil at bedtime and let the grains sit overnight in the covered pot they will be just right for breakfast.  Add an egg and you are good to go!

2.  Every day do active fun things like dance or walk or run or jump or swim.  Do the things you like the most and do them often.  If you can’t do such things, wiggle your toes, twist your hair, do seated leg lifts, swing your arms.  The point is to move!

Muscles love movement!

3.  Drink lots of water.  Make that your drink of choice.  That’s what your cells want.

Think about your pet.  If he ate chocolate ice cream and pop he wouldn’t be healthy.  His body would have trouble trying to process those things.  Your body is the same way.

Think about your car.  If you put milk in the engine it wouldn’t run.  Your engine (your body) needs the correct fuel just as your car does.

It’s hard for some people to eat the right foods because they don’t have enough money but for some of us it’s all about making the right choices.

And after a while you will really look forward to a piece of crunchy fruit or vegetable instead of a ‘goodie.’  I promise!

Leave a comment and let me know how this simple weight loss plan worked for you.