People who hurt often have more than one type of pain bothering them so I put a variety of recommended resources together for you.

This is my “online store.”  I develop products, review products and also share free information that will make it easier for you to get rid of your pain.  I may receive a commission for some of these resources.  That allows me to continue sharing information about natural pain relief but doesn’t increase the cost (if any.)

If I didn’t create it, I have reviewed each one thoroughly because I want you to have only the absolute best sources of natural pain relief.

So some of these recommended sites are free, some have a reasonable fee and some are from me.  Each one will give you something valuable.

If you discover a link that doesn’t work properly, please let me know.  kathryn at simple pain relief dot com.  Thank you!

Just click on the links…

Here are my Listmania Lists:  There are just a few books in each of these lists but they are excellent books to help you feel better naturally.

Getting Rid of Pain Naturally

Getting Rid of Migraines & Headaches Naturally

Best Healthy Food Books (includes brain health)

How To Be Happy

More Resources:

Back Pain Natural Relief Discover what causes back pain, neck pain and sciatica and how to successfully get rid of them, naturally.  This is very good information and just a little bit different from what I would say myself.

Carpal Tunnel Natural Relief Learn ancient Japanese hand exercises for carpal tunnel symptoms.  Relaxing and free.

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief Book Discover the Uncommon Cure for Carpal Tunnel Pain and other hand, arm and wrist pain with my complete program to get rid of carpal tunnel symptoms.

Carpal Tunnel Radio Listen to the audio replays about carpal tunnel syndrome, causes and cures.  Free Internet radio show.

Circle Arms Relax your arms and shoulders with this easy form of movement.  Short video.

Female Menopause Mentors Interesting information to help you through menopause with Physician’s Assistants.

Fibromyalgia Survival Guide Get relief from fibromyalgia naturally.  Jane gives excellent “fibro” information and a free newsletter.

Headache Natural Relief Get relief from tension and posture headaches with Stop Headache Pressure Points.  These are great little videos.

Inflammation Internet radio interview with the authors of the Raw Healing Patch cookbook.  Discover how food causes inflammation and what you can do to get rid of it.

Knots In Your Back Get a free report about the causes of those miserable knots in your back.

Jaw Pain Natural Relief English is Christian’s second language but he does a great job of walking you through the steps for self-help natural relief from TMJ and jaw pain.  Your jaw muscles are powerful and can cause headaches as well as pain in the jaw  joint.

Meditation Claim your free report and discover the benefits of meditating and steps to take to feel more peaceful now.

Pain Relief Ergonomics Now you can work pain-free at your computer or desk.  Easy to follow pictures.  Get a free sample chapter.

Simple Pain Relief Information about a variety of aches & pains and how to get natural relief (by me.)

Pain Relief Newsletter Register for your free subscription of the Simple Pain Relief Newsletter.

Simple Strengthening Discover how easy it is to get a strong back side.  You will have much less pain all over when your back is strong and your body will also function better.  If it looks familiar, that’s because it’s me!

Stress Discover Eight Steps to Stomp Stress.  Article.

Vitamin-Mineral Expert Discover what your body wants and needs and probably doesn’t have (especially if you are “too pooped to participate”.

Walk Without Pain You were built to walk!  Walking has a TON of health benefits.  Discover how to walk properly and comfortably when you pick up your free report from me.