Why Do You Have Knots In Your Back?

Are you wondering why you have muscle “knots” in your back?  It’s pretty simple when you understand how your body works.

I am always really, really happy when I can help people understand how their bodies work and the simple steps they can take to feel better.  Here’s an email that I just received from “Joe” who had knots in his back.  (Joe bought my Knots In Your Back program):

I have received everything just like you said. I have already viewed half of the entire program. The educational part is worth every penny, I am more educated as to why I am so knotty. I mostly worked the front side of my body which left my back just fighting to keep alignment and causing the knots. I will work on a more balanced strengthening program. Again thank you so much!!

You see, Joe understands now WHY his back hurt–WHY he is experiencing tight muscles and knots in his back–and he knows what steps to take to get rid of those miserable knots.

It always frustrates me when practioners blast away on areas of tightness that cannot relax–but they keep blasting and blasting–and then you end up sore and still have the knot!

Bodies are logical.  If something hurts there is most likely a logical reason but these reasons are not widely known or widely taught in medical school.  Here’s a clue for you:  If your back is tight and feels like it has a “knot” that is usually a symptom!  The actual reason is in front of your body.

The muscles in the front of your chest, abdomen and neck have become short and tight.  Even the fronts of your thighs!  They don’t complain but they do pull on your back and cause pain.

Having a strong back will help prevent back pain and muscle knots.  Having long muscles in front will also help prevent pain and knots.  Strengthen your back and lengthen your front side to help get rid of those miserable knots in your back.