Is The Pain In Your Thumb Mommy Thumb Or DeQuervain’s Syndrome

What is Mommy Thumb?  Medical terms sometimes change over time.  In this case, since lots of moms get this particular type of pain, a new name for DeQuervain’s Syndrome evolved.

A ‘syndrome’ is a bunch of symptoms.  In the case, the new name for the syndrome is Mommy Thumb.

I’d guess that beside lifting little babies many times a day the cause also comes from current lifestyles.  Weaker upper bodies and arms and more time on computers or ‘just sitting’ may cause you to have a tendency to tilt your wrists as you lift your baby (or anything.)

It’s tilting your hand toward your baby finger that stresses the muscles and tendons on the thumb side of your wrist.

Lifting with straight wrists rather than tilted can prevent and help get rid of Mommy Thumb.  Here is an article about pain on the thumb side of your wrist. (<– click here.)   There are many more articles about hand, wrist and arm pain at that website, too.

And here’s a video about Mommy Thumb by hand surgeon C. Noel Henley.  But wait!  Don’t worry–there are natural steps you can take to get rid of your pain.  Surgery is rarely the answer.  Check out the article link, above.