Easily Switch From Processed Foods To Healthier Foods For Better Health

How can you can easily switch from eating highly processed foods to eating healthier foods?  And what are “healthier foods”?  Well, the closer you can get to the way the food actually grew, the healthier it is.

The farther you get away from foods that are most natural–that means the most highly processed “foods”–the farther you get from good health.

There’s an awful lot of stuff in the stores being sold as “food.”  The problem is:  It’s not food.

And it doesn’t fool your body.  Not for one second.

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Natural Pain Relief–Who Is In Charge Of Your Body?

I recently read an excellent book about natural pain relief. It has a great disclaimer. It said, basically, if you think you need the protection of a disclaimer, then close the book now.

The author (Pete Egoscue) believes that the most important consultation is the one each person has with himself or herself. He believes in taking personal responsibility for one’s own health. I’m with him!

I think he is very wise and you will be very wise if you take responsibility for your own health and well-being.

Your body wants to be well and pain-free.

Your body is logical.  It hurts for reasons.  It stops functioning well because of “something.”

When you figure out what the “something”–the reason–is you can Continue reading


Prevention Is The Highest Form Of Healing

“Prevention is the highest form of healing and surgery should always be considered the last resort.”   That’s on the back cover of a comprehensive book about eye care called The Eye Care Sourcebook by Jay B. Lavine, M.D.

And it’s true!

What does prevention mean?  It means taking care of yourself.  It means getting rid of “junk foods” in your house and body.  (There is a reason they are called junk food, right?)

Prevention means getting fresh air, using your Continue reading


The Handbook of Self-Healing

I love this book by Meir Schneider!  The title is “The Handbook of Self-Healing.”  The subtitle is “Your Personal Program for Better Health and Increased Vitality.”

I’ve taken classes from Meir and enjoyed how he teaches  to re-learn all of the movements that we USED to make and SHOULD make–to keep our bodies happy so they will function well.

I also like Meir’s book, “My Life and My Vision.”  It’s very inspirational; filled with stories about people healing themselves.  Or, sometimes, not.

Sometimes people just don’t have the faith in their body to heal.  Or they don’t want to put the effort that it takes into getting better.

You have a very smart body. It wants to be well.  Sometimes it just needs some help from you.

Sometimes you just need a little help from someone like Meir or me to give you the information that you need to feel well and get rid of your pain.

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