How To Get Rid Of Muscle Pain Naturally

Muscle aches and pains bothering you?  First you have to figure out WHY you have muscle pain.  Look for patterns.

  • Is it all over your body or just in certain areas?
  • Does it only hurt after certain activities?
  • Do you wake up with it?
  • Or does it get worse over the day?

Let’s say your muscle pain is in one area only.

Some therapists, doctors and individuals try to get rid of the pain by treating the area that hurts.  But the answer is often not to attack only the area where it hurts because that area is just a symptom.

The answer is to get to the Continue reading


Get Rid of Finger Pain Naturally

Got pain in your fingers or thumb?  There are lots of articles at that will help you get rid of it.  (You can click the Carpal Tunnel tab at the top of this page.)

Go to the Categories on the right hand side and click the category for Hand, Thumb, Finger Pain.  Then you can scroll through the articles to find the information that applies to you.

And if you don’t find your symptoms there, email or leave a comment for me and I will create an article for you.

Once you understand why you have that pain there are simple steps you can take to get rid of it.

I receive comments and emails all the time from people why say things like:  “OMG!  I have had this pain for so long but I did what you said and now it’s gone!”

Well, the trick is that they took action.  And I’m proud of them for doing that.  🙂

They had a problem-they looked for information that might help-then they used the information.

And they got rid of the pain in their fingers naturally.


You Have A Smart Body!

You really DO have a smart body and it wants to be well.  It wants to heal.  Sometimes it just needs a little help from you or from someone else.

Many times you can be your own “doctor” or “physical therapist.”  You have to educate yourself so you will know what to do.

Learn what makes bodies work–or not work.  Read articles from people you trust to share good, useful information.

And then you must take action!

It doesn’t matter how much you know if you don’t use it.

Take the information that you find here or at my other natural pain relief websites (click on the tabs above) and take action.

You can start getting rid of your pain or discomfort naturally today.


You Have A Smart Body! Four Tips To Help Your Body Heal

Bodies heal all the time.  They are really smart!  And your body is one of the smartest.  🙂

But sometimes you don’t feel well.  Sometimes you hurt.  Maybe you have a lot of pain.

But there are many natural steps you can take to help your body feel better.

1.  Your body needs good Continue reading


The Attitude Of Gratitude Can Reduce Your Pain!

Did you know that gratitude can actually reduce your pain and stress?  Being grateful for all of the good things and people that are in your life is good medicine.

Being thankful actually boosts your immune system and kicks in the ‘feel-good’ natural chemicals in your body.

Gratitude will help you enjoy your life more and feel better.

There is way too much reliance on medication for peace of mind and pain relief.  A simple, natural technique like this–being grateful–may be just what the doctor ordered!  (Or should have.)

Ok, you have 10 seconds.  Now, quick–tell me at least 5 things that you are thankful for.  Need a little help?

What made you feel happy today?

  • What made you smile?
    What did you see that was beautiful or took your breath away?
    What tasted good?
    Did you watch something pleasant in nature?
    Did you share a joke and someone laughed?
    Did something NOT hurt?
    Is something getting better or healing?
    Did the sun come up?

Ask yourself as many questions as you need to pump up your Vitamin G – Gratitude – and you can start feeling better fast.  🙂    (No bad side effects, either!)


Natural Relief For Low Back Pain

Suffering from lower back pain?  Here’s an article about a study that shows massage therapy helps more than conventional medical treatment.

Of course!  Massage helps get rid of all kinds of aches and pains.  Massage is natural medicine!  Natural and old.  Probably one of the first natural medicines ever, right?

Click this link to read the article:  Massage Helps Lower Back Pain Go Away

I love it!


The Biggest Cause of Headaches and Migraines

What’s the biggest cause of migraines and headaches?  I believe the #1 cause is your muscles.

When muscles are tight they press on the nerves and blood vessels that go from the neck to your head.  When those nerves or blood vessels are pressed, they can cause head pain.

Additionally, muscles get trigger points.  Trigger points are hyper-irritable areas of muscle (or other soft tissue) that get a type of ‘knot’ that triggers pain elsewhere.

So trigger points in the muscles of your Continue reading


How to Get the Curve Back Into Your Lower Back

When you were learning to walk you had a curve behind your waist.  It curved toward your tummy.  That curve is what allowed you to learn to walk.

What happened next?

Maybe you starting watching television–a LOT of television.  Or sitting at a little desk.  Maybe it fit you, maybe it didn’t.  You went to school and sat way too much and moved way too little.  You started slouching.

And you started losing Continue reading


Headache in the Back of Your Head

What causes the headache in the back of your head?  Well, the most common cause is muscles.  Plain, old, everyday muscles!

And that’s good news because it means you can get rid of your muscle tension headaches.

Poor posture causes muscle strain.  Strained muscles PULL on your head.  They are Continue reading


You Can Get Rid Of Your Upper Back Pain Naturally

Do you have knots in your upper back, headaches or strain in your shoulder muscles?  Or do you have any other upper body pain?

I have good news for you!

This type of pain is almost always caused by your muscles or your posture.  And they can be corrected naturally and relatively easily. 🙂

Sometimes people notice an immediate change.

I got an email last Continue reading