Does Massage Get Rid Of Pain

Can massage provide “pain relief” or is it just another type of “pain management”?  It depends.

Bodies are really logical.  They are smart.  They were designed to function in certain ways.

When we give them what they want and need they can heal and be well.  Sometimes what they need includes some muscle therapy.

What’s “muscle therapy”?

Sometimes it is massage therapy.  Sometimes stretching and strengthening.  Sometimes Continue reading


Massage Is Powerful Natural Pain Relief Remedy

Why do I believe so strongly in the power of massage for pain relief?

1.  Because it works. I have seen it work over and over.  IF…the therapist knows where to work, the causes of your pain, and can help you correct your posture.  Some do, some can’t; it depends on their training, personality and more.

2.  Because massage is OLD medicine!  It’s been around forever.

3.  Because it’s all natural.

You may have some tenderness or even bruising after a session of working on tight muscles.  That’s because Continue reading


Massage Is Natural Medicine!

Therapeutic massage is great medicine.  It’s old medicine.  I love it!

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Scroll down until you come to the Massage category.

There you will find several articles about the “hows” and “whys” of massage.

And massage has so many benefits!

It’s really a shame the medical community doesn’t take more advantage of it.

In studies at the Touch Research Institute in Florida (affiliated with University of Miami School of Medicine) premature babies who had little two-fingered massages, three times a day, went home six (6!) days earlier than non-massaged babies.  They also gained almost 50% more weight with just the same amount of formula.  They cried less.

Six days!

Massage is good medicine and it’s 100% natural!