Massage Therapy Increases Quality of Life in Older Adults

Older adults get lots of benefits from receiving massage.  The complete abstract (abbreviated article) from is below my comments here.  (PubMed comes from the National Institutes of Health.)
In a nutshell, it says the study was with people age 60 and older who had persistent pain.  It says they felt better physically and emotionally.  It also says massage may be worth looking into as a treatment for pain in older adults.
Well, I should say so!
Massage therapy is a wonderful treatment for pain and aches of all sorts.  And because Continue reading

Vitamin T – How Important Is Touch For You?

Touch.  Vitamin “T”.  Something your body craves.  Needs.

A long time ago a “research project” was undertaken by a king.  I think it was in Germany.  The ruler wanted to know what language babies would speak if no one ever talked to them.  What would naturally come from their mouths?

The babies were taken from their mothers.  They were provided only the necessities of food and cleanliness.  No one talked to them.  No one touched them.

Guess what language they began speaking?

None at all.  They all died.  They were lacking Vitamin T.

Rat pups who are deprived of the touch of the mother’s tongue grooming them will die.  Rat pups who are “groomed” with a wet paint brush (like mother rat’s tongue) live and thrive.



What should you expect from your health care provider–your doctor, physical therapist, nurse or massage therapist?  You should expect to feel comfortable in their presence and with their touch.  If they cannot give you some type of comfort–even if the treatment hurts–here is my suggestion:

Find a new one.

A study done in Canada indicated that doctors who touched their patients had patients who Continue reading


Massage Is Natural Medicine!

Therapeutic massage is great medicine.  It’s old medicine.  I love it!

If you go to and scroll down on the right hand side, you will find Categories.

Scroll down until you come to the Massage category.

There you will find several articles about the “hows” and “whys” of massage.

And massage has so many benefits!

It’s really a shame the medical community doesn’t take more advantage of it.

In studies at the Touch Research Institute in Florida (affiliated with University of Miami School of Medicine) premature babies who had little two-fingered massages, three times a day, went home six (6!) days earlier than non-massaged babies.  They also gained almost 50% more weight with just the same amount of formula.  They cried less.

Six days!

Massage is good medicine and it’s 100% natural!