Water Exercises Are Good For Muscles!

I never learned to swim when I was a kid.  In fact, I used to be kind of afraid of the water.  Every time I took swimming lessons, I ended up freezing and shivering and never got past Lesson #2.

But then I grew up and one day I was in the pool and said to my son, “Watch this!”

And he said, “What am I watching?”

And I said, “You are watching me not drown!”

I may never be a great swimmer but I taught myself not to drown and that’s a major improvement in my ‘swimming’ ability!

  • Water exercises or movements are great for bodies.  The water acts as resistance as your arms and legs swish through the water.  Resistance builds muscle.
  • You won’t sweat when you are exercising in the pool.  I think that’s a big plus!
  • Moving in the water lets the water massage your muscles.  Massage is a good thing!
  • Letting the water support you takes the weight of gravity off.  Your spine can lengthen when you bob or float.

You don’t have to know how to swim or even how to float to enjoy moving your muscles in water.

I’m a mermaid. A really slow mermaid.






How to Have Better Posture and a Flatter Stomach

How To Make Your Stomach Muscles Strong!  Why would you want to have a flatter stomach?

1.  You will look better.

2.  You will feel better in general.

3.  You will have less pain!  And that’s a big reason!

When your ‘stomach muscles–the muscles of your abdomen–are strong, they will help you have better posture.

But, we don’t want short, strong muscles; we want LONG, STRONG muscles.

And, here’s a video demonstration of these muscles.  You have these muscles, too!

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  🙂


Motivational Post

Every time I run into this motivational quote I love it all over again.

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have lived just the length of it.  I want to have lived the width of it as well.”  – Janet Ackerman

Why do I love this quote?

Because it encourages me to live fully.  To share good times and good stories; to help as many as I can much as I can; to eat as healthily as I can so I can live wide while feeling well and strong.

I want to leave a wide footprint.  In order to do that, I must be healthy and well and fully functional until it’s time to leave this life I love.

And I want to help you leave a wide footprint, too.

Let’s be healthy together.  🙂


How To Make Your Body Love You By Eating Real Food

Waaaay back when humans first came into being, there were no Froot Loops or Cool Whip.  Everything that our ancestors was real.

And their bodies knew what to do with that food.  They got the minerals and vitamins and other micro-nutrients they needed as well as the fiber.  Their bodies were supported by the food they ate.

But what the heck are we eating now?

Did you know there is a huge industry devoted to making people buy things to eat because the ‘taste’ or ‘smell’ good?  And these lovely tastes and smells are made from yummy things like petroleum.

Good for your car but not for you.

Better living through chemistry?  Nope.

What are we to do?  How can we make our bodies healthy and happy? 

  • Eat real.
  • If your grandmother couldn’t grow it or harvest it, don’t eat it.
  • Eat lots of color–fruits & veggies.
  • Shop the perimeter of the supermarket where the raw and fresh foods are.
  • Only go to inside aisles for canned tomatoes, fish, whole grains and beans.
  • Take a good mineral supplement and vitamin supplement from a health food store.  Clay is a mineral supplement that you might find in a health food store.  I haven’t tried it yet but will.  Mix just a little with water.
  • Toss sugar, flour, fake fats and diet sweeteners.  Really.  Toss them.  It won’t hurt your pocketbook as much as it will hurt your body to keep them.
  • Sea salt has more minerals than table salt.
  • Real butter is real.  There are good fats like olive, coconut and avocado.
  • Eggs are health food.  Soy isn’t.

Our bodies Continue reading


What’s The Difference Between Pain Relief and Pain Management?

Is there a difference between pain management and pain relief?

You often hear about “pain management clinics.”  When do you hear about “pain relief clinics?”

Sometimes people have a pain issue which can only be managed; it is not going to go away.  Instances might be cancer or a nerve which is entangled in a cyst.  There is pain.  It won’t be going away.  But it can be managed with drugs so the person can feel more comfortable.

But lots of times people have a type of pain which is caused by muscles or other soft tissue and which can be treated successfully.  Those people can truly have pain relief.

The problem is that most doctors don’t learn about the roles of soft tissues and muscles when they are in medical school or afterward.  And muscles are to blame for a huge proportion of our pain.

And muscles are treatable with pressure, touch or manual manipulations.  Massage therapy incorporates all of those.

But can all massage therapists provide pain relief?


But most can Continue reading


Natural Back Pain Relief

I just got my hands on a brand new book written by medical doctor Norman J. Marcus.  His treatment of back pain is somewhat different than my usual recommendations for therapeutic massage because he uses electrical devices BUT he treats back pain the very same way I recommend:  He looks to the muscles!

Muscles are responsible for most of our pain.  But most doctors don’t know this.  That makes it really hard for you to get a good diagnosis when you have pain.

Please don’t get me wrong–I love doctors and surgeons!  I wouldn’t be here writing today if not for their skill and talent and training.

But if your doctor doesn’t understand the true cause of your pain he or she will probably suggest medications or surgery.  Maybe physical therapy first.  That’s good.  But then the physical therapist also has to understand the true cause of your pain and treat you as an individual with a unique body.

Tight muscles and trigger points cause a lot of grief.  That’s why I recommend the self-help Trigger Point Books on the right hand side of this page.

That’s why I created programs to help you get rid of the Knots In Your Back and your Carpal Tunnel Pain. And that’s why I promote other good programs that will help you get rid of your pain naturally.

That’s why I write and write, sharing what I know so you can feel better.

Anyway, here’s the link to a review of the good doctor’s book.  End Your Back Pain Forever.


Breathing Makes Your Life Much Easier!

Of course, breathing will make your life much easier!  We won’t be around long if we can’t breathe.  But if you have trouble breathing, there are steps you can take to breathe more easily.

Breathing exercises your lungs.

1.  Practice using your lungs.  When they are not so inflammed that you can barely breathe, try this:  Long, slow, deep breathing.  Most of us only use the upper, small, top portion of our lungs to breath.  Breathe deeply, all the way into your belly.  Let your whole chest and abdomen rise and fall.

2.  When you take a nice, slow deep breath, hold it.  Count to 6 or 8 on the inhale; hold for a count of 6 or 8; and as you exhale, count again.  Over time, see if you can hold your breath for a longer time.

Massage moves your lungs.

When a massage therapist (or partner) massages, presses and squeezes your ribs gently they are also massaging your lungs and all of the muscles that surround your lungs.  This massage can take place on both the back and front sides of your chest.  It does not involve breast tissue–it works around breast tissue.

Water dilutes thick fluids in your lungs.

When we don’t drink enough water or eat plenty of watery foods, our body fluids thicken.   When they thicken in our lungs it makes it harder to breathe.

Tea relaxes your lungs.

I read that there is a substance in tea called aminophylline.  This is what I was given by injection when I was a teenager who could not breathe.  The alternative doctor (MD) who wrote about tea suggested drinking two strong cups a day–one in the morning and one later in the afternoon.  He said to make them strong by using three tea bags each time.

Note:  Tea also has caffeine and caffeine is used in many asthma medications.

These steps may help you start breathing more easily.  🙂



Mermaid Demonstrates Water Exercises

Okay.  So I’m not really a mermaid.  But when I’m in the water I feel like one. 🙂

There are so many benefits to exercising in water.

  • Water acts as resistance to your movements so your muscles become stronger.
  • You don’t sweat.
  • You are in the sunshine if it’s an outdoor pool so your body can create Vitamin D.
  • Water supports you so you actually weigh less; gravity pulls less on you and your body can lengthen.

If you can’t bear to go into the deep end, that’s okay.  You can get all the benefits of water exercise by walking or running in the shallow end.

You can do all of the movements in this video in the shallow end, too, except the scissors sideways kick.

Water exercises are easy on your joints, strengthen your muscles and when most of your body is underwater your spine gets a break from gravity, too!



What Causes Stress And How Can You Get Rid Of Your Stress Naturally?

Good stress is the kind we have when things are really going pretty well.  Life may be hectic, busy and full.  Events like weddings, parties and graduation events are being planned.  But we are in charge and probably having some fun, too.  There is stress but it is good stress.  You are in control, like the Continue reading


Get Rid Of Stress Naturally With Laughter!

I used to work in a restaurant kitchen.  The owner  KNEW how she wanted her kitchen run!

She caused big stress for some of the kitchen employees.  She didn’t mean it, I’m sure, but she sure could do it.

At least once a month, one of the women who worked in Minnie’s restaurant kitchen went home in tears.

It was Minnie’s kitchen and Minnie knew how it was supposed to run.

It probably didn’t help that Minnie also used to be a drill sergeant in the army.  Well, at least, it didn’t help us.

So, one day Minnie was yelling (again.)  “You girls is so slow,” or maybe it was, “You girls is so sloppy!”  (It was always one of the two.)

And the other kitchen worker had left already, in tears.

And I said (with a big smile), “Minnie, if we work neat, you say:  You girls is so slow.  And if we work fast, you say:  You girls is so sloppy.”

Then we just looked at each other for about a minute, and Minnie started Continue reading