Can You Get Rid Of Pain Naturally?

Someone recently asked me which medical interventions I like best.  She said she heard of a certain therapeutic device often used in physical therapy clinic.

I don’t think she quite had the gist of what I do yet.

Rather than use medical interventions, when it is possible, I suggest the use of natural therapies such as:

  • massage and other self-help muscle/soft tissue treatment to eliminate tight muscles that cause pain
  • correcting diet and eating REAL food and getting rid of vitamin and mineral deficiencies because bodies need these little powerhouses to function well
  • drinking plenty of water so support muscle function
  • correcting posture that strains muscles and causes dysfunction and pain and getting back into neutral positions.

We used to be in neutral, balanced postures when we were little children.

What happened?

What happened was we got into bad furniture, car seats, desk chairs and habits.

But we can change! 🙂

Conventional medicine usually treats symptoms.  Rather than treating symptoms, my goal is to help people get to the root of the pain–to the cause–and get rid of the cause.

Bodies are so logical!  But they complain when we do things they don’t like.

And that’s what causes pain.


You Have A Smart Body!

You really DO have a smart body and it wants to be well.  It wants to heal.  Sometimes it just needs a little help from you or from someone else.

Many times you can be your own “doctor” or “physical therapist.”  You have to educate yourself so you will know what to do.

Learn what makes bodies work–or not work.  Read articles from people you trust to share good, useful information.

And then you must take action!

It doesn’t matter how much you know if you don’t use it.

Take the information that you find here or at my other natural pain relief websites (click on the tabs above) and take action.

You can start getting rid of your pain or discomfort naturally today.


What Is A Pain Relief Coach?

I’m a pain relief coach.  What does that mean?  What do I do?

You have probably heard of ‘pain management.’  That is what the medical profession offers when patients continue to have pain despite physical therapy or other conventional medical treatments.

But did you know that many times–perhaps most times–there are natural ways for people to get rid of their pain?

That’s where I come in.  Pain relief rather than pain management.

I will agree that sometimes pain management may be the best anyone can do.  It depends Continue reading