Simple Pain Relief Tip for Hand & Wrist Pain–Computer Users

I was watching a woman work.  Is this woman at risk of having hand and wrist pain?  Or a carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis in her future?  She is if she continues doing this…

I watched her filling in blanks on her computer screen.  Her seat was far enough away from the keyboard that her arm was almost totally straight.  She did not pull her chair closer to the keyboard.  She did have a “wrist rest” in front of the keyboard.

Why will this end up causing carpal tunnel area pain for her?

This position strains arm muscles.  It doesn’t Continue reading


Relax Your Shoulders and Massage Your Arms

You can relax tight shoulders and “massage” your arms by using the movements in the following video.  So often the muscles around our shoulders get out of balance.  They get shorter and tighter on one side of our body than the other.  Ideally, all of our muscles would be more balanced so they don’t have to “fight” each other.

Here’s the video: