What Causes Stress And How Can You Get Rid Of Your Stress Naturally?

Good stress is the kind we have when things are really going pretty well.  Life may be hectic, busy and full.  Events like weddings, parties and graduation events are being planned.  But we are in charge and probably having some fun, too.  There is stress but it is good stress.  You are in control, like the jet fighter pilot.

Bad stress is what happens when we have no control over the situation.  Like a prisoner, we are controlled by others and there is no way out.

Or, is there?

Lots of times–maybe all of the time–there is a way out.  You can learn how to gain control of a situation, “get out of jail” and move away from stress.

Will it take some work, learning new skills, practicing and perhaps changing your mind?

Yes!  I cannot tell a lie.

Will it be worth it to have less stress, less pain, less anxiety?  How about more control in all of your daily situations?  Would that be worth a little work, insight and practice?

In a word, the answer is Yup!

By the way, do you suppose that jet fighter pilot is thinking, as he is flying, “Man, am I ever stressed today.”?  Not a chance.  He or she is thinking:  “I am in control!  This is exciting!”

You might be wondering how I know that.

Well, I just imagined that I am in that position and that is exactly what I would be thinking.  It would be necessary to think like that or the jet  pilot couldn’t function as needed.

My point here is that we tell ourselves messages all the time.  Something like 50,000 messages a day.  Some are positive messages but, for most of us, most of our self-talk is negative.  🙁

And, most of the time we actually, unfortunately, believe the negative messages.  Negative messages cause stress along with other feelings which are not so good either.

Just for today, every time you catch yourself thinking something negative like ”I’m no good.”  “I can’t do it.”  “I’m too fat, tall, slow, messy, dumb.”  STOP!

And tell yourself, “I AM GOOD!”  “I CAN DO IT!”  (And if you really can’t do it, remind yourself of something that you can do and that you do well.)

“I AM JUST RIGHT THE WAY I AM!”  You truly are!

You might think I’m talking about self-esteem here, and not stress relief, but positive self-talk can help eliminate stress.

Just for today, give yourself a positive message every time you catch yourself with negative thoughts about yourself.

And then tomorrow, do the same.

And the next day, and the next.