What Causes Food Allergies

Why are there more food allergies now than ever before?  More children than ever are being seen in emergency rooms having trouble breathing.

Here’s the link to an article which has some useful information and some that is not so useful.  I’ll explain why in a moment.


Here is what the doctor says at the end of the article.  To which I say:  Phooey.

Ultimately, Rubin believes little can be definitively done to prevent children from developing allergies. Allergies, he notes, are hereditary — when one allergic person marries another, their odds of having allergic children rise 90 percent. “If they’re destined to develop allergies, they will develop allergies,” he says. “Can you prevent them from occurring? The answer is no.”


As a young child I developed asthma.  In my teens I was one of those kids in the emergency room unable to breathe.

Later on, lovely drugs were developed which eased my symptoms.  Didn’t cure anything but I felt normal and could breathe easily.

And then I discovered on my own that those lovely drugs were weakening my bones.  Not good.

They doctors said they were fine (“What is the option?”) but I didn’t think that was fine.

So finally, once and for all, I weaned myself off them.  (Some drugs you must go off slowly.)  At the same time, I began taking large quantities of potent vitamins and minerals.  There is a difference between garden-variety drugstore vitamins and those designed to be therapeutic by doctors with a lot of knowledge.

And at the same time, I continued eliminated aggravating foods and adding good things to my diet.

Here I am.  No more allergies.  No more trouble breathing.  NO trouble breathing.  No drugs.  Love it!

How did this happen?

I was apparently predestined by genetics (other relatives had problems) to have breathing issues BUT something has to trigger it.  That’s how your body works.  Almost everything happens for a reason.

Cause and effect.

I didn’t know exactly which part of the vitamins and minerals I was using made a difference.  And they do work together just like all the parts of your body do.

I have come to believe through education (you must always educate yourself about your body) that the things which helped the most were magnesium. the B vitamins, fish oil (reduces inflammation or swelling) and the sunshine vitamin D3.  I’m sure others helped, too, but I think these were key.

As you can see in this article, some doctors don’t think you can help yourself and change your health.

But I do.  I know it in my heart.  You can do it, too.

Where can you get the education you need about vitamins and minerals and the foods to eat or not eat?  Check out The Vitamin Mineral Expert.  (<– click here)  My friend Bette knows an awful lot about such things and she can tell you how much of what and how to know if you’re getting too much.  You can also find her at Too Pooped To Participate. At the time of this article, Bette has really good free info there that you can sign up for.

You and your children can breathe more easily when you get rid of the cause(s) of your problem.

That’s how bodies work.  Give ’em what they need.  Take away the bad stuff that causes problems.  Get better. 🙂