Natural Pain Relief Using Ice Therapy

ice is good medicine!  Here’s how to use ice for muscle pain relief.

Lots of folks think heat feels better (including me) but sometimes (lots of times) ice is the way to go.

And, I also think ice feels great.  Sometimes a bit uncomfortable but it has such a nice numbing effect!

Using ice as a natural pain relief aid is so nice; you don’t have to worry about nasty side effects or anything.  That’s another reason to love cold therapy.

But do be sure that you stop using ice when your tissues become numb.  That’s as far as you want to take it so you don’t do damage to your skin.

Now, I did recently read that ice is actually not the very best treatment for inflammation because it slows the body’s response to heal a little bit.  Inflammation means swelling in the tissues.

Do you remember RICE?  (Rest, ice, compression & elevation)  Apparently, according to newer research, the new plan is RCE when there is swelling.  I’m still voting for ice, though.

But ice IS always the treatment of choice for nervy pain or discomfort.  Nerves respond better to cold when they are acting up.

Here’s what my friend Bette Dowdell says about ice: