Food Is Medicine–Eat Healthy and Skip The Disease

You really are what you eat.  Your body has certain needs (lots of them) and when you provide those nutritional needs it will function well.

You will rarely be sick.  You will enjoy good health.  Your body will be able to heal.

But when you don’t provide the nutrients that your body needs, whoops!!

Your car cannot run without the correct fuel.  Neither can your body.  Honest!

If you want to keep your sleek jazzy red sports car of a body running on all cylinders and all four tires, give it the right fuel–the healthy stuff.

What’s “healthy food”?  Think colors–the more the merrier. (Not Froot Loops or Trix–REAL colored foods.) Think as close to the way it grew as possible.  Think the least possible amount of additives.

If you are buying things that have a label read the label.  If it says words that you don’t know, put the product back on the shelf.  Head to the produce department.

I have heard that shopping the perimeter of the store is generally where the most healthy foods are (the REAL foods.)

Here’s a cool saying that I truly believe:

When food is right, medicine is of no need.  When food is wrong, medicine is of no use. — Ayurvedic Proverb