Energy And Persistence Conquer All Things!

Benjamin Franklin said energy and persistence conquer all things.  True?  Yes!

But sometimes you just don’t feel like you have the energy you need.  Maybe you feel like that all the time.  🙁

Bodies have certain needs.  If you don’t meet those needs, you suffer.  If you DO meet them, you succeed!

Here’s how you can meet the needs of your body and have the energy to persist:

  • Eat real food–things that grew rather than from factories.
  • Make water your beverage of choice.  That’s what most of your body is composed of and needs.
  • Use your body every day–stretch and move. Move in directions that you don’t usually move in.
  • Get enough sleep. Make your sleeping space relaxing and start setting the mood to sleep an hour before bedtime.
  • Skip bad news–turn off the news.
  • Consider taking a good multivitamin and mineral supplement to be sure your body gets everything it needs.

It takes energy to be able to persist and keep on persisting so you can do what you want to do and need to do.

When you take good care of your body you will have the energy you need and feel better all over!