Why Do You Need Arch Supports For Your Flat Feet?

Do you need arch supports for your flat feet?  Maybe so.  Here’s why:

Your feet are the foundation of your skeleton.  Your arch keeps you in an upright posture.

When you do not have an arch in your foot, your foundation collapses.  And when your foundation cannot support you in a neutral, balanced position you can end up with pain.

Where exactly will your flat feet cause pain?

Hold onto your hats!

While you may have pain from stretched, strained muscles in the arch of your foot there are other areas that you wouldn’t have guessed.  Like your neck?

When you have an arch in your foot your weight will be pretty much balanced on your toes, on your heel and on the outer edge of your foot.  But if you don’t have an arch you will carry most of your weight on your toes.

Here’s how to determine where you carry your weight on your feet:  Stand up, barefoot, for about 5 minutes.  Don’t move.  After 5 minutes notice where your weight is.  It will either feel fairly even around your whole foot or you feel the most pressure under your toes.

It is possible to regain some of your arch by walking barefoot and doing exercises for your foot and leg muscles.  Sometimes shoes may actually do us a dis-service.  After all, we were not born with shoes on our feet.

But if you have to wear shoes make them as comfortable as you can so nothing is pinching or squashing.  And wear a good arch support, one that will actually hold your arches up.  Make sure your arch supports fit YOUR arches.  It shouldn’t feel as though you are walking on a walnut.

So why should you wear arch supports if you have flat feet?

Remember where the weight was on your feet?  Did you feel it mostly under your toes?  If so, you are leaning forward whenever you stand or walk.

When you lean forward, your heavy head is out in front of your body.  It is exactly where gravity can grab it and pull you into poor, collapsed posture.

Poor posture puts a lot of stress on your neck muscles and causes pain in your (click the link) neck and upper back.

It can even pull the natural curve out of your lower back and cause low back pain. 

That’s why you may need arch supports for your flat feet.



2 thoughts on “Why Do You Need Arch Supports For Your Flat Feet?

  1. I suggest you try Asics or Mephisto’s. I have sialimr achy feet but find I can walk all day at Disney World with Asics or Mephisto’s. They can be pricey but worth it. I’ve tried many types from inexpensive to expensive and I find these two brands strive for excellence in comfort.

  2. Thank you, Jessik, for sharing your experience about shoes with good arch supports that are comfortable. There are some shoes that are made for pronators (people whose arches fall or are weak.) The shoe fitter person in an athletic shoe store can help you find the shoes that are built for people with flat feet. Asics are good. I haven’t tried Mephistos yet. 🙂

    Kathryn Merrow
    The Pain Relief Coach

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