What Is The REAL Cause Of Your Pain

The real cause of your pain depends on whom you ask.  🙂

There are medical professionals who will say your pain may be caused by pressure on nerves.  Yes but what is causing the pressure?  Bones don’t move on their own and neither do discs.

There are professionals who will link your pain to muscles.  Yes but why are your muscles so unhappy that they cause pain?  Are they being twisted or pulled or stretched or strained?  Why?

Bodies are logical and they work in predictable ways.

If “x” happens then “y” will happen.  For example, if one shoulder is forward the other must be more rear-ward.  If one shoulder is forward the other cannot be neutral.  That’s not how bodies work.

Equal and opposite.  Forward and backward.  High and Low.  That IS how bodies work.

Sometimes taking a good, long hard look in the mirror at yourself with no or very little clothing will give you lots of information.  Place your feet under your hip bones and point your toes as straight ahead as you can.  Also line your toes up with the wall; put them an equal distance from the wall.

What do you see?

Is one shoulder higher than the other?  Or, are your fingertips closer to the floor on one hand?

Can you see whether one hip or shoulder is closer to the mirror?

Is your head straight over the hollow notch in the front of your neck?  Is the notch over your belly button?

It can be hard to really see yourself at first but with practice it can get easier.  My client Bill got pretty good at checking himself in the mirror and was even able to make the decision to add more height to his shoe (he had a short leg.)

It helps if you have a plain wall behind you.   Busy patterns can make it harder to see.  If your floor is not level that makes it hard, too.  There are places in my home where I cannot check myself in the mirror because they have a tilted floor.

If you see twisting or turning or high and low, that can be causing your pain.  The next step is to figure out WHY that is happening.  Could it be habit?  A short leg?  Or something else?

It doesn’t work in every case but most often if you get rid of the postural distortion then you can get rid of your pain.