How To Get Rid Of Muscle Pain Naturally

Muscle aches and pains bothering you?  First you have to figure out WHY you have muscle pain.  Look for patterns.

  • Is it all over your body or just in certain areas?
  • Does it only hurt after certain activities?
  • Do you wake up with it?
  • Or does it get worse over the day?

Let’s say your muscle pain is in one area only.

Some therapists, doctors and individuals try to get rid of the pain by treating the area that hurts.  But the answer is often not to attack only the area where it hurts because that area is just a symptom.

The answer is to get to the cause of your muscle pain. Figure out the cause and get rid of the cause.

Is your pain all in your back?  It could be posture-related. Do you slouch or slump? It could be that you always lean into the same corner of the couch. It could be your heavy book bag that causes you to lean forward.

It is something and that something needs to be changed so you will stop getting this pain.  Muscle pain is a message that something is wrong and needs changing.

And muscles need minerals to function their best. Do you eat a good diet that supplies lots of vitamins and minerals or do you eat mostly pre-packaged, highly processed foods and fast foods? They cannot supply what your muscles need. You cannot fool your muscles with fake foods. This can cause all-over pain.

What if your muscle pain is all over your body?

In that case, doctors often give a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  That basically means “muscle pain.”  And typically they cannot find a cause.

But you can find causes for Fibromyalgia at this link:>  You can also discover how to get rid of it naturally there.

Here’s one more thing: The muscle pain in your back in your back may be caused because of tight muscles in the front of your body. Most of the time we have our hands and heads in front of our body and this shortens the muscles in the fronts of our chests, abdomen, arms and neck. That means the muscles in the front of the body need to be stretched.

If you have flat feet or fallen arches, that can also cause back pain and head and neck pain.  Arch supports are the answer for that and they cost less than $30 at this time for a good pair like runners use.  If your arches are flat, it throws your upper body forward and that causes muscle strain and pain.

If you can give your body movement, nutrition, stretching in the right directions and good posture you can get rid of your muscle pain naturally.


4 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Muscle Pain Naturally

  1. I guess another way to get rid of back pain is by using acupuncture. It has been known that acupuncture is an effective way of getting rid of back pain as well as it helps to improve blood flow of our body.

  2. Hi Tony,

    Many people use or try acupuncture for relief of pain or to stop smoking or other habits. I had the opportunity to watch two women who were in the process of having acupuncture in a medical doctor’s office. They did not have any discomfort.

    Acupressure is finger pressure rather than stimulation from needles. I guess that since I am very manual therapy and massage-oriented, I’d go with acupressure first for back pain relief.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  3. Kathryn
    Major pressure behind eyes and cervical straightening….1 bulging disk and 1herniated. Flexeril doing NOTHING…please help….also go to pt. had this a month! Have nt had in 7 yrs.. Why is it back?

    Thank you,

    Wendy schweitzer

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Cervical straightening is caused by tight muscles in front of neck. The muscles at the base of the skull can cause pressure behind the eyes. Muscles can also pull on disks and push or pull them out of place.

    There is something that you are doing or not doing that is causing this issue. It could be the way you sit, work, sleep, watch television, drive…there are many possible causes.

    Some skilled massage therapists can help by treating and relaxing the muscles that are causing your symptoms. Seek out a therapist who is trained in neuromuscular or neurosomatic massage therapy and interview them to see if they know how to release muscles in the front of your spine. You may be able to get a good feeling about them on the phone. Most are happy to talk with you in person for a short time before you schedule an appointment.

    I hope this helps.

    The Pain Relief Coach

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