Is Aspartame Bad?

Wondering whether aspartame, an artificial sweetener, is bad for you?  Here’s my opinion:  You bet!

Years ago a client told me she had gone to a dentist who practiced headache and migraine relief.  He told her quit drinking diet soft drinks and if her headaches went away she would not owe him anything.

They went away.

Better living through chemistry?  Not necessarily.

Take care of your body and give it the good fuel it deserves.  Why?

Because you deserve to feel better.


2 thoughts on “Is Aspartame Bad?

  1. I have suffered long-term health consequences, including joint & muscle pain and depression, for 10 long years, all while I consumed aspartame at ridiculous levels. I was so inspired by the research I found that backs up your opinion, I have two sites dedictated to the cause!

    Regardless of what the FDA or Health Canada tells us, medical professionals everywhere are more and more concerned about aspartame… Is it the new tobacco?

  2. I wish you much success both with your health and with educating others. I am with you; regardless of what the government allows to be in the products that we put into our bodies, we must make our own decisions. Thank you for writing.


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