How To Make Your Body Love You By Eating Real Food

Waaaay back when humans first came into being, there were no Froot Loops or Cool Whip.  Everything that our ancestors was real.

And their bodies knew what to do with that food.  They got the minerals and vitamins and other micro-nutrients they needed as well as the fiber.  Their bodies were supported by the food they ate.

But what the heck are we eating now?

Did you know there is a huge industry devoted to making people buy things to eat because the ‘taste’ or ‘smell’ good?  And these lovely tastes and smells are made from yummy things like petroleum.

Good for your car but not for you.

Better living through chemistry?  Nope.

What are we to do?  How can we make our bodies healthy and happy? 

  • Eat real.
  • If your grandmother couldn’t grow it or harvest it, don’t eat it.
  • Eat lots of color–fruits & veggies.
  • Shop the perimeter of the supermarket where the raw and fresh foods are.
  • Only go to inside aisles for canned tomatoes, fish, whole grains and beans.
  • Take a good mineral supplement and vitamin supplement from a health food store.  Clay is a mineral supplement that you might find in a health food store.  I haven’t tried it yet but will.  Mix just a little with water.
  • Toss sugar, flour, fake fats and diet sweeteners.  Really.  Toss them.  It won’t hurt your pocketbook as much as it will hurt your body to keep them.
  • Sea salt has more minerals than table salt.
  • Real butter is real.  There are good fats like olive, coconut and avocado.
  • Eggs are health food.  Soy isn’t.

Our bodies don’t want things that ‘taste’ good.  They want things that they love and need.  Phooey on the whole Taste Industry.  They are feeding us a bunch of garbage–literally.

Don’t blind your eyes to danger.  I asked someone who was using one of those fake flavored coffee “creamers” if he knew what was in it (I do.)  He said, “No.  I don’t want to know.  I only know that it tastes good.  That’s all I want to know.”

Score one for the Taste Industry.  🙁

Read labels.  If you don’t know what it says, put it back on the shelf.  The less packaging, the more likely it’s closer to real.  If you have to wash it before you eat it, that’s a good sign.

I love you.  Let your body love you, too.

Eat healthy.  Eat real.


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  1. I love how straight forward this article is. I feel like ways to be healthy are pretty obvious but with endless trends and hyping of so many different healthy ideals, its hard to keep everything straight. I will surely keep this all in mind the next time I shop. Thank you!

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