Easily Switch From Processed Foods To Healthier Foods For Better Health

How can you can easily switch from eating highly processed foods to eating healthier foods?  And what are “healthier foods”?  Well, the closer you can get to the way the food actually grew, the healthier it is.

The farther you get away from foods that are most natural–that means the most highly processed “foods”–the farther you get from good health.

There’s an awful lot of stuff in the stores being sold as “food.”  The problem is:  It’s not food.

And it doesn’t fool your body.  Not for one second.

They create flavors and scents in labs.  The make the products in factories.  They add all kinds of chemicals to get us to buy.  They really don’t care about our health.  ($$$$)

Don’t get me wrong, please.  I love industry.  I love business.  I love ethical companies that help people in one way or another.  I’m not complaining about the manufacturers of highly processed fake foods making money.  I’m complaining about them taking away your health.

The stuff they add takes vitamins and minerals from our bodies.  It prevents them from being absorbed.

Sure, sometimes they add in vitamins.  Know why?  Trying to compensate just a little bit for all the goodness they have removed.   And highly processed food robs you of the opportunity to eat wholesome foods because your stomach is already full.

Here’s the link to an article by Dr. Mercola that tells more: