Massage Is The Best Drug In The World for Muscle Aches & Pains

Muscle aches and pain?  Except in emergencies, I always recommend the most natural, least invasive ways to feel better.  And very often that means I am recommending massage therapy.

I LOVE massage!

There is no better medicine and it is all 100% natural!  Over the years I have had many clients who said they didn’t want the drugs or the surgery; they wanted natural pain relief.  They wisely chose massage.

Massage therapy doesn’t have a full paragraph of side effects like almost every medicine does.  And it doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth or upset your stomach.

No calories, either! 🙂

I saw a medical book cover that said “Essential Psychopharmaceuticals.”  (Necessary mental drugs.)  And I thought:  “Yes!  That book should be about massage!”

Massage IS the essential psychopharmaceutical!

It helps people feel better in their minds and in their bodies–naturally.

It helps bodies heal and function better–naturally.

Massage is the best medicine in the world.