Massage Is Powerful Natural Pain Relief Remedy

Why do I believe so strongly in the power of massage for pain relief?

1.  Because it works. I have seen it work over and over.  IF…the therapist knows where to work, the causes of your pain, and can help you correct your posture.  Some do, some can’t; it depends on their training, personality and more.

2.  Because massage is OLD medicine!  It’s been around forever.

3.  Because it’s all natural.

You may have some tenderness or even bruising after a session of working on tight muscles.  That’s because they weren’t used to being touched in such a way.  In a few days the tenderness will go away.  And remember, with a massage the first time can be the worst if your muscles are really tight and bound up.

As your muscles relax, you will have less discomfort with each session.  And always talk to your therapist. Let her or him know if there is too much discomfort or if their pressure is too light.

I saw a good term on a government website.  It described as necessary a “service that will promote, preserve, and restore health.”

Yup.  That’s the definition of massage therapy.

And, it feels really good, too. even if it is sometimes uncomfortable!  Some people will talk about “good hurt” or “good pain” when they are having a massage.  That means their muscles and body are saying, “THAT is exactly what I need!  Don’t stop!”

Massage is a very powerful natural pain relief remedy.