Does Massage Get Rid Of Pain

Can massage provide “pain relief” or is it just another type of “pain management”?  It depends.

Bodies are really logical.  They are smart.  They were designed to function in certain ways.

When we give them what they want and need they can heal and be well.  Sometimes what they need includes some muscle therapy.

What’s “muscle therapy”?

Sometimes it is massage therapy.  Sometimes stretching and strengthening.  Sometimes ice or heat therapies.  Ideally muscle therapy helps your body get back into a neutral position.

Muscle therapy is a pain relief technique IF it’s done properly and logically.

When a massage therapist just chases your pain, they aren’t creating relief for you but they may be creating a good income for themselves.

When a massage therapist looks for the CAUSE of your pain–and attacks that CAUSE–that allows your pain to go away.  Then you have pain relief.

I wish I could tell you that all massage therapists can provide you with pain relief but that’s not true.  Not even if they think it is.  🙁

You can find a skilled, talented, well trained massage therapist who can help you enjoy pain relief in several ways:

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I love massage.  It’s the oldest form of medicine.  Massage can get rid of pain.