Do Tight Muscles In Your Shoulders Cause Headaches?

Do you have tight muscles in your shoulders?  Do you have headaches?  Do you suspect they are related?

You bet they are!

The muscles on the tops of your shoulders are called the upper trapezius muscles.  They are responsible for causing headaches when they get tight and all knotted up.

They cause muscle strain headaches.  They can also develop trigger points that cause pain in your head.

Ditto the muscles on the side of your neck.  It’s too bad that pain clinics don’t look at muscles and posture instead of just treating symptoms.  Sometimes all you need is some natural help for the muscles to relax.

Here’s an article I wrote about headaches and tight muscles that you may find helpful:

I don’t have much on that website yet but maybe the article will help.

Also, if your shoulders are all knotted and tight, try this:

If you squeeze your shoulders up to your ears and hold them for a minute they will start to fatigue.  They should feel a little lower and more relaxed after you let them back down.

There is a lot of upper back pain relief self-help in the program I created about getting rid of the miserable knots in your back.  (Click that link to check it out.)

When the muscle tightness in your shoulders is gone the headaches will most likely be on their way out, too.

I’d love to see you get rid of your tight shoulder muscles naturally because headaches are no fun.


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  1. Cluster headache sufferers typically experience severe headaches of a piercing quality near one eye or temple that last for fifteen minutes to three hours.The headaches are usually unilateral and occasionally change sides.

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