Jun 20th, 2012 by Kathryn Merrow


If you have any reason to believe, due to your personal medical history or condition, that the approaches that I–or anyone else–suggest may cause an existing medical problem to become aggravated or worse, then do not do them.

I believe that your body is smart and wants to be well.  Sometimes it just needs a little help from you, or from others.  However, in the end, you are responsible for your well-being.  If something seems to you not to be right for you, follow your instincts.  Pay attention to the wisdom of your body.

I am not a medical doctor.  I am a person just like you, who has a lot of experience and knowledge about how bodies get pain and get rid of pain.  I have dealt with a lot of pain, both my own and that of clients, and have seen how our bodies can heal if we give them what they need to heal.  This is good for both of us.

Always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional.

Sometimes the suggestions I give may seem to be too general.  Sometimes, they are.  I don’t have the advantage of seeing you in person.  I don’t know your height, weight or age.  I cannot see your posture or general health condition.  I don’t know your diet or how fit you are.  Only you know that.

But, I do know what typically causes soft tissue and muscle pain symptoms and syndromes.  I understand the natural laws that bodies follow.  I know how to get rid of the soft-tissue causes of carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, head pain and other aches and pains.

I thank you for letting me help you on your journey to pain relief but you are the one who gets to make the final decisions. Make them wisely.

It’s your body.  It wants to be well.  It just needs a bit of help from you and perhaps from your medical provider.

Warmest thoughts,
Kathryn Merrow – The Pain Relief Coach


I do receive compensation from some of the links or recommendations I offer to you.   When you purchase through one of these links or recommendations you are showing me that you appreciate my sincere attempts to help you become  pain-free.  I thank you for that.

First and foremost, these recommendations are chosen for their merit.  No advertiser will ever influence the content of this website.

As I review other programs and affiliate offerings I want to know that they have good useful content that I am comfortable sharing, that have helped me and that could be beneficial to you.  Some programs seem as though they would be fine and then I come to a certain point and think:  This is so inaccurate that there is no way I could recommend it.  I will not make a recommendation if I see even one glaring flaw.


The testimonials have been obtained from readers who voluntarily wrote or spoke to me.  I then asked for permission to reprint them.  Since every body is different, and there are so many causes for pain, you may respond in a different way.

Some people get better very quickly and others get well more slowly.  There are many factors involved in healing and pain relief ranging from emotional state to nutritional condition to type of injury.  Even the furniture you sit on and sleep on can be involved.


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