Water Exercises Are Good For Muscles!

I never learned to swim when I was a kid.  In fact, I used to be kind of afraid of the water.  Every time I took swimming lessons, I ended up freezing and shivering and never got past Lesson #2.

But then I grew up and one day I was in the pool and said to my son, “Watch this!”

And he said, “What am I watching?”

And I said, “You are watching me not drown!”

I may never be a great swimmer but I taught myself not to drown and that’s a major improvement in my ‘swimming’ ability!

  • Water exercises or movements are great for bodies.  The water acts as resistance as your arms and legs swish through the water.  Resistance builds muscle.
  • You won’t sweat when you are exercising in the pool.  I think that’s a big plus!
  • Moving in the water lets the water massage your muscles.  Massage is a good thing!
  • Letting the water support you takes the weight of gravity off.  Your spine can lengthen when you bob or float.

You don’t have to know how to swim or even how to float to enjoy moving your muscles in water.

I’m a mermaid. A really slow mermaid.






Why Do You Have Knots In Your Back?

Are you wondering why you have muscle “knots” in your back?  It’s pretty simple when you understand how your body works.

I am always really, really happy when I can help people understand how their bodies work and the simple steps they can take to feel better.  Here’s an email that I just received from “Joe” who had knots in his back.  (Joe bought my Knots In Your Back program):

I have received everything just like you said. I have already viewed half of the entire program. The educational part is worth every penny, I am more educated as to why I am so knotty. I mostly worked the front side of my body which left my back just fighting to keep alignment and causing the knots. I will work on a more balanced strengthening program. Again thank you so much!!

You see, Joe understands now WHY his back hurt–WHY he is experiencing tight muscles and knots in his back–and he knows what steps to take to get rid of those miserable knots.

It always frustrates me when practioners blast away on areas of tightness that cannot relax–but they keep blasting and blasting–and then you end up sore and still have the knot!

Bodies are logical.  If something hurts there is most likely a logical reason but these reasons are not widely known or widely taught in medical school.  Here’s a clue for you:  If your back is tight and feels like it has a “knot” that is usually a symptom!  The actual reason is in front of your body.

The muscles in the front of your chest, abdomen and neck have become short and tight.  Even the fronts of your thighs!  They don’t complain but they do pull on your back and cause pain.

Having a strong back will help prevent back pain and muscle knots.  Having long muscles in front will also help prevent pain and knots.  Strengthen your back and lengthen your front side to help get rid of those miserable knots in your back.


A Natural Way To Treat TMJ Pain

Got jaw pain?  Here’s something that may help.

Fake chewing.  Here’s how:

  • Put your lips together.
  • Teeth apart.
  • Pretend you are chewing.

That small movement uses your jaw muscles and increases circulation in them.  That’s why it helps them relax.

Some people with tight jaw muscles and TMJ pain find that chewing actually Continue reading


Something Fun For Natural Pain Relief

I just discovered a social sharing site called Pinterest.  It’s interesting!

Go to http://Pinterest.com/KathrynMerrow and you will find my Pinterest Board.  It’s all about natural pain relief and living the good life.

Click on the Board and it will open up.

My goal is to create a relaxing, soothing, helpful, healthy and fun Board.

Go on–relax a while.  And let me know what you think.


The Benefits Of Massage For The Massage Therapist

Massage therapy has tremendous benefits for people who receive it.

And guess what?  Massage not only benefits the person who receives the massage.  The person giving the massage also receives health benefits.

How cool is that?

Massage therapy is the most peaceful and healing profession I can think of.  Massage soothes and relaxes the mind and the body.

An interesting fact is that when muscle stress is reduced  minds feel better.  The mental stress that is caused by unhappy muscles goes away when the body has less pain.

And when a client comes in with pain and leaves feeling better, well, there’s hardly anything that can make you feel more satisfied.

Right now I am happy to be teaching future massage therapists about the art and science of massage.