Natural Pain Relief Using Ice Therapy

ice is good medicine!  Here’s how to use ice for muscle pain relief.

Lots of folks think heat feels better (including me) but sometimes (lots of times) ice is the way to go.

And, I also think ice feels great.  Sometimes a bit uncomfortable but it has such a nice numbing effect!

Using ice as a natural pain relief aid is so nice; you don’t have to worry about nasty side effects or anything.  That’s another reason to love cold therapy.

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Can You Get Rid Of Pain Naturally?

Someone recently asked me which medical interventions I like best.  She said she heard of a certain therapeutic device often used in physical therapy clinic.

I don’t think she quite had the gist of what I do yet.

Rather than use medical interventions, when it is possible, I suggest the use of natural therapies such as:

  • massage and other self-help muscle/soft tissue treatment to eliminate tight muscles that cause pain
  • correcting diet and eating REAL food and getting rid of vitamin and mineral deficiencies because bodies need these little powerhouses to function well
  • drinking plenty of water so support muscle function
  • correcting posture that strains muscles and causes dysfunction and pain and getting back into neutral positions.

We used to be in neutral, balanced postures when we were little children.

What happened?

What happened was we got into bad furniture, car seats, desk chairs and habits.

But we can change! 🙂

Conventional medicine usually treats symptoms.  Rather than treating symptoms, my goal is to help people get to the root of the pain–to the cause–and get rid of the cause.

Bodies are so logical!  But they complain when we do things they don’t like.

And that’s what causes pain.


Take Action and Get Rid of Pain Naturally

I received two emails this past week from people with extensive discomfort and pain.  The really cool thing is they were both thank-you notes from people who took action and are getting better.  Part of one is below.

Remember:  It doesn’t matter if you educate yourself about your pain and other uncomfortable symptoms unless you take action.

There is a saying that you can’t hire someone to do your sit-ups for you.  You have to do them yourself.  (But I am not a fan of sit-ups; just suck your belly into your spine and hold it.)

“I stumbled upon your site and was astonished at my complete ignorance about the mechanics of my own body – specifically how my neck, shoulders and arm were all so closely related.

When I read your article that explained how the muscles of the shoulder can become imbalanced – I knew I was on to something – you described many of my issues and the subsequent pain perfectly. I immediately put some of your tips into practice – the shoulder rolls, the arm circles and using the bed as a resistance training tool..and even though the movements were painful at first, I kept at it because it was a good pain, if that makes any sense.”

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Are The Wonderful Scents In Your Home Killing You?

Did you know there are REAL scents that can actually help you feel better?  They are essential oils.

They are not really oils (so they aren’t oily) but they are extracted or distilled from real plants and flowers.

On the other hand, we have FAKE smells.  They are created in laboratories.  From chemicals.

Yuck.  🙁

This article came about because I saw an ad for a ‘wonderful smell’ that would make you feel like you were on a tropical vacation every time you get a whiff of it.  You will catch the scent every time you walk in the area and every time you walk past you will breathe–are you ready?–chemicals into your beautiful body.

And so will your kids.  And your pets.

Do you really want regular doses of chemicals that you don’t need and your body doesn’t like?  Really?

What’s the option to the fake scented products that make your home smell ‘fresh’ and ‘clean’?

Buy essential oils.

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How To Get Rid Of Muscle Pain Naturally

Muscle aches and pains bothering you?  First you have to figure out WHY you have muscle pain.  Look for patterns.

  • Is it all over your body or just in certain areas?
  • Does it only hurt after certain activities?
  • Do you wake up with it?
  • Or does it get worse over the day?

Let’s say your muscle pain is in one area only.

Some therapists, doctors and individuals try to get rid of the pain by treating the area that hurts.  But the answer is often not to attack only the area where it hurts because that area is just a symptom.

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Natural Remedy For Strong Bones

Want stronger bones?  Weight bearing exercise will help you have the bones you lust after:  dense and strong.

What is weight bearing exercise?  It’s as simple as standing and walking.

The ideal weight bearing exercise is done with good posture.  If you walk straight and tall your bones are all stacked as they are supposed to be.  And when they are stacked like that, they bear your weight.

And that makes bones stronger.

That’s the simple natural remedy for strong bones:  good posture and walking.  (<– Click this link to find a free report about walking without aches and pains.)


Christmas Gift Ideas For All Year

Need Christmas Gift ideas?  This isn’t my usual type of article but I thought it was such a good idea that I wanted to share it with you.  I do not know who came up with this–a friend forwarded it to my email.

And it works for any kind of gift-giving for any occasion, any religion or nationality, throughout the year.

And I’m not knocking foreign-made products but keeping your money in your home town supports your friends, neighbors and family.  I did edit this a bit to make it a little kinder.  After all, I am a strong believer in prosperity for the world but right now your fellow American needs some help from you.

Please read on…

Christmas ~  Holiday Gifts — Birth of a New Tradition

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What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Pain in your lower back is almost always caused by muscles.  Why?

Muscles move bones, joints and disks in your spine.  Muscles are the prime movers of your body!  You can move only  because you have muscles.

Yay, muscles!!

On the other hand, when your muscles get out of balance–too strong on one side of your body and too weak on the other then we don’t say, “Yay, muscles!”

We say, “Ouch!”

Dang muscles causing low back pain.

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You Can Avoid A Stroke With These Steps

Strokes can be avoided if you take certain steps.  And you are more likely to have a stroke if you do certain things that bodies just don’t like.

This link (click here–>) Dr. Mercola’s goes to Dr. Mercola’s site.  When you read his article you will discover the steps you must take to improve your health and help prevent stroke.  🙂

He is the expert.  I am just the person who passes along needed information.

This IS important information for you to know.   These ARE steps that I take every day.  I hope you will, too.

I would be so happy if you didn’t have a stroke.


What Is The Best Pillow To Use?

A “bad” pillow can be a real “pain in the neck.”

A temperature-sensitive type of foam pillow like Tempurpedic works well for many people.  There is a version with built in neck rolls.  Because of the type of foam, the pillow will be firmer in the winter than in the summer.

Tempurdic pillows can be pricey but there are similar versions by other companies that cost much less and feel much the same.

Or…you can create your own neck roll and flattish pillow from batts of fiberfill.  You can buy a batt at a fabric store or KMart.  Just unroll enough to fit under your neck comfortably. Fiberfill is really cheap so you can refresh your pillows easily.

I don’t sew so I just roll my homemade fiberfill neck roll into a pillow case.  You can make a few rolls in different sizes so when your neck ‘changes’ you can still be comfortable.

All the neck rolls I have ever tried have been waaaaay too high but by making my own I can have a comfortable night’s sleep.

I have lots more to say so here’s the link to another article for you with a lot more information about sleeping and pillows: