Water Exercises Are Good For Muscles!

I never learned to swim when I was a kid.  In fact, I used to be kind of afraid of the water.  Every time I took swimming lessons, I ended up freezing and shivering and never got past Lesson #2.

But then I grew up and one day I was in the pool and said to my son, “Watch this!”

And he said, “What am I watching?”

And I said, “You are watching me not drown!”

I may never be a great swimmer but I taught myself not to drown and that’s a major improvement in my ‘swimming’ ability!

  • Water exercises or movements are great for bodies.  The water acts as resistance as your arms and legs swish through the water.  Resistance builds muscle.
  • You won’t sweat when you are exercising in the pool.  I think that’s a big plus!
  • Moving in the water lets the water massage your muscles.  Massage is a good thing!
  • Letting the water support you takes the weight of gravity off.  Your spine can lengthen when you bob or float.

You don’t have to know how to swim or even how to float to enjoy moving your muscles in water.

I’m a mermaid. A really slow mermaid.






How to Have Better Posture and a Flatter Stomach

How To Make Your Stomach Muscles Strong!  Why would you want to have a flatter stomach?

1.  You will look better.

2.  You will feel better in general.

3.  You will have less pain!  And that’s a big reason!

When your ‘stomach muscles–the muscles of your abdomen–are strong, they will help you have better posture.

But, we don’t want short, strong muscles; we want LONG, STRONG muscles.

And, here’s a video demonstration of these muscles.  You have these muscles, too!

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  🙂


Is Stress Killing You?

This guest post is from Janet Matthews, author of “Is Stress Your Silent Killer?”  I like the way Janet shares her personal story and its happy ending.  Listen as Janet speaks from personal experience about the stress that used to undermine her health and well-being.


Stress is an integral part of our lives. In fact, we can’t live without it. It motivates us to try harder, it motivates us to achieve and it motivates us to feel alive and vital.

However, the other side of the coin is that if it becomes a chronic condition it affects our health and well being and can actually deplete our immune systems resulting in chronic disease that may well cost us our lives.

So, you can see that stress is a two-edged sword. It can make you feel alive and energised on the one hand or it can devastate your life on the other.  What do we need to do to ensure that we use stress to our advantage and not to our detriment?

First of all, it is important to be aware of what the stresses are in our lives. We all have those occasions such as an event to organise, be it a party or a wedding, that cause us stress, but on the whole these occasions, though stressful, are positive and pleasant and they are also short lived. The stress is heightened before and during the occasion but afterwards the stress has gone.

However, there are other stresses such as those caused by work, domestic problems, financial worries and so forth that are far from positive and pleasant and are very often long term stresses that put a tremendous strain on our lives.

Without going into too much detail about how stress plays out in our bodies, it is important to understand that chronic stress, defined as stress that is with us day in day out, results in constant high levels of cortisol being pumped into the body and this, in turn, has a very negative effect on our immune systems.

A depleted immune system has a negative effect on our health. The immune system is responsible for keeping inflammation in check and inflammation is responsible for many of our common diseases. Inflammation causes pain, whether it is headaches, arthritis or muscular pain.  Inflammation causes havoc.

So, the million dollar question is, “How can we deal effectively with stress to lessen the devastating effects it can have on our bodies?”

Of course, the answer to this question will inevitably be multifaceted. There are numerous techniques that will help you to deal with stress:  Meditation techniques to yoga to massage therapy to finding a hobby and so forth. All of these techniques and therapies are an invaluable part of your stress-busting arsenal.

I would like to suggest that there is also a way of reducing your stress in the first place by understanding the way you respond to certain situations and how you handle them.

In my book “Is Stress Your Silent Killer?” I describe my own journey of realisation of how I was actually exacerbating my stress by the way I was dealing with it. In fact, I was making my stress far worse than it needed to be. By examining my behavior, I was able to find more appropriate ways of living my life that have helped me to decrease the amount of stress I have in my life.

I discovered primarily how my ego was sabotaging my life and how my ingrained belief system, that I had amassed throughout my life, was actually not helpful to the way I was dealing with the stresses of my life. Through constant awareness I was able to make the necessary subtle changes to simplify my life and ultimately lessen my stress.

So the question remains:  “Is Stress Your Silent Killer?”

Are you sabotaging your life because of your beliefs?  And, if so, what are you going to do about it?

I share my personal story in my book.  When you read it, see if it speaks to you in any way.  My hope for you is that you may be able to dig yourself out of the physical and mental ruts caused by your own stress.
Note from Kathryn:  You can order “Is Stress Your Silent Killer” through both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Here are the links:


Mermaid Demonstrates Water Exercises

Okay.  So I’m not really a mermaid.  But when I’m in the water I feel like one. 🙂

There are so many benefits to exercising in water.

  • Water acts as resistance to your movements so your muscles become stronger.
  • You don’t sweat.
  • You are in the sunshine if it’s an outdoor pool so your body can create Vitamin D.
  • Water supports you so you actually weigh less; gravity pulls less on you and your body can lengthen.

If you can’t bear to go into the deep end, that’s okay.  You can get all the benefits of water exercise by walking or running in the shallow end.

You can do all of the movements in this video in the shallow end, too, except the scissors sideways kick.

Water exercises are easy on your joints, strengthen your muscles and when most of your body is underwater your spine gets a break from gravity, too!



What Causes Stress And How Can You Get Rid Of Your Stress Naturally?

Good stress is the kind we have when things are really going pretty well.  Life may be hectic, busy and full.  Events like weddings, parties and graduation events are being planned.  But we are in charge and probably having some fun, too.  There is stress but it is good stress.  You are in control, like the Continue reading


Get Rid Of Stress Naturally With Laughter!

I used to work in a restaurant kitchen.  The owner  KNEW how she wanted her kitchen run!

She caused big stress for some of the kitchen employees.  She didn’t mean it, I’m sure, but she sure could do it.

At least once a month, one of the women who worked in Minnie’s restaurant kitchen went home in tears.

It was Minnie’s kitchen and Minnie knew how it was supposed to run.

It probably didn’t help that Minnie also used to be a drill sergeant in the army.  Well, at least, it didn’t help us.

So, one day Minnie was yelling (again.)  “You girls is so slow,” or maybe it was, “You girls is so sloppy!”  (It was always one of the two.)

And the other kitchen worker had left already, in tears.

And I said (with a big smile), “Minnie, if we work neat, you say:  You girls is so slow.  And if we work fast, you say:  You girls is so sloppy.”

Then we just looked at each other for about a minute, and Minnie started Continue reading


Improve Your Posture With These Simple Stretches

Did you know that the muscles in your chest get short and tight when your posture is poor? While your poor back muscles are getting overstretched and complaining the front muscles shrink.  The chest muscles don’t complain; they just get tight.

When you collapse forward you look older and you don’t feel as well.  You can’t breathe as well and all of your organs get squashed, too.

But you can start straightening up right now.  🙂  By stretching those chest muscles you can start getting your shoulders back where they belong and you can improve your posture.

Here are three easy ways to stretch your chest muscles to improve your posture.

1. Butterfly Stretch.  Lie near the edge of your bed.  Let your arm gently drop off edge of bed. (One arm at a time.)

Pretend your arm is a butterfly wing moving from your leg to your head. Turn your palm up while you do this movement, if you can.

You will feel stretching happening  in various places in the upper front of your arm and chest muscles. It’s okay to wait a little while when you feel something stretching to let it stretch.

I love doing exercises like this when laying down because gravity helps you stretch when you are on your back.

2. Doorway Stretch.  Many people like the doorway stretch because you can do it anytime.  Here’s how:  Lean into a doorway with your hands on the door frame. Position one hand on each side of the door frame.

Use three different heights for hand placement on the frame:  hands at hip height, at shoulder height and over your head.

Hold the door frame securely and lean forward. Watch the position of your head–you don’t want to lead with your head. Let your chest lead.

3.  Stretching Video:  And here’s a little video that will help you stretch your chest muscles (click this link)–>:  Stretch Chest Muscles Video.

As your chest muscles become lengthened your shoulders will be able to go back to their correct, neutral position and your posture will improve naturally.


A Natural Way To Treat TMJ Pain

Got jaw pain?  Here’s something that may help.

Fake chewing.  Here’s how:

  • Put your lips together.
  • Teeth apart.
  • Pretend you are chewing.

That small movement uses your jaw muscles and increases circulation in them.  That’s why it helps them relax.

Some people with tight jaw muscles and TMJ pain find that chewing actually Continue reading


You Can Get Rid Of Knee Pain Naturally!

Can you get rid of your knee pain naturally?  Lisa did.

She sent a very nice email to me and I will share part of it with you.

>> From your information I have managed to control my knee pain by
>> strengthening my front muscles of the thighs through exercise and
>> massage.
>> Even I am sitted at my work desk I keep raising my legs to strengthen my
>> thigh muscles and it works.
>> I have also managed to get rid of the knots in my upper back!
>> You are wonderful.

I love the last part of the email, of course, but I also love that Lisa took action.  That is how she got rid of the pain in her knees and the knots in her upper back.

Lisa found what she needed to know.  She took the necessary steps to get pain relief.

And she got rid of her knee pain naturally.  🙂


Energy And Persistence Conquer All Things!

Benjamin Franklin said energy and persistence conquer all things.  True?  Yes!

But sometimes you just don’t feel like you have the energy you need.  Maybe you feel like that all the time.  🙁

Bodies have certain needs.  If you don’t meet those needs, you suffer.  If you DO meet them, you succeed!

Here’s how you can meet the needs of your body and have the energy to persist:

  • Eat real food–things that grew rather than from factories.
  • Make water your beverage of choice.  That’s what most of your body is composed of and needs.
  • Use your body every day–stretch and move. Move in directions that you don’t usually move in.
  • Get enough sleep. Make your sleeping space relaxing and start Continue reading