What Is Inversion Therapy And Does Inversion Get Rid Of Back Pain?

What is inversion?  Is it really therapy?  Does it help get rid of back pain?

Gravity is always pressing down on us.  Always.  And over time the space between our joints can get less.

Hanging upside down (inversion) or reclining at an angle reverses this aging process.

I used to have inversion boots that hooked over a bar in a doorway.  The only problem was that I could not get my feet UP to get the hooks OVER the bar!

So that didn’t work.  🙁

But I did want to take Continue reading


Natural Cure for Scoliosis

Is there a natural cure for scoliosis?

Here’s the background.  Scoliosis is curvature of the spine.  There may be 2 or more curves and the curves can go from side-to-side or front-to-back.  Twists or rotations are often involved.

Some doctors or therapists may say you have only one curve (a “C” curve) but if it is happening in your back it is also happening in the spine of your neck in reverse.  It has to.  That’s how bodies work.  That’s why I said “2 or more curves.”  That is called an “S” curve.

You can also have an “S” curve in your back spine and again in your neck spine.  There are all kinds of variations of scoliosis.

Depending which medical professional or muscle therapist you see, you may get different answers to your question about getting rid of your scoliosis naturally.  It depends on their knowledge, skill level and abilities.

Is he or she a doctor?  Massage therapist?  Physio or physical therapist?  Different therapists have different training (or lack of) and different ideas.

Someone who specializes in surgery may tell you that surgery is the only answer (at some point.)  A massage therapist who practices only relaxation-type massage may say there is nothing that can be done.  Ditto your family doctor.

Here is my own personal experience getting rid of scoliosis.

When I became Continue reading