How to Have Better Posture and a Flatter Stomach

How To Make Your Stomach Muscles Strong!  Why would you want to have a flatter stomach?

1.  You will look better.

2.  You will feel better in general.

3.  You will have less pain!  And that’s a big reason!

When your ‘stomach muscles–the muscles of your abdomen–are strong, they will help you have better posture.

But, we don’t want short, strong muscles; we want LONG, STRONG muscles.

And, here’s a video demonstration of these muscles.  You have these muscles, too!

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  🙂


Why Do You Need Arch Supports For Your Flat Feet?

Do you need arch supports for your flat feet?  Maybe so.  Here’s why:

Your feet are the foundation of your skeleton.  Your arch keeps you in an upright posture.

When you do not have an arch in your foot, your foundation collapses.  And when your foundation cannot support you in a neutral, balanced position you can end up with pain.

Where exactly will your flat feet cause pain?

Hold onto your hats!

While you may have pain from stretched, strained muscles in the arch of your foot there are other areas that you wouldn’t have guessed.  Like your neck?

When you have an arch in your foot your weight will be pretty much balanced on your toes, on your heel and on the outer edge of your foot.  But if you don’t have an arch you will carry most of your weight on your toes.

Here’s how to determine where you carry your weight on your feet:  Stand up, barefoot, for about 5 minutes.  Don’t move.  After 5 minutes notice where your weight is.  It will either feel fairly even around your whole foot or you feel the most pressure under your toes.

It is possible to regain some of your arch by walking barefoot and doing exercises for your foot and leg muscles.  Sometimes shoes may actually do us a dis-service.  After all, we were not born with shoes on our feet.

But if you have to wear shoes make them as comfortable as you can so nothing is pinching or squashing.  And wear a good arch support, one that will actually hold your arches up.  Make sure your arch supports fit YOUR arches.  It shouldn’t feel as though you are walking on a walnut.

So why should you wear arch supports if you have flat feet?

Remember where the weight was on your feet?  Did you feel it mostly under your toes?  If so, you are leaning forward whenever you stand or walk.

When you lean forward, your heavy head is out in front of your body.  It is exactly where gravity can grab it and pull you into poor, collapsed posture.

Poor posture puts a lot of stress on your neck muscles and causes pain in your (click the link) neck and upper back.

It can even pull the natural curve out of your lower back and cause low back pain. 

That’s why you may need arch supports for your flat feet.



Improve Your Posture With These Simple Stretches

Did you know that the muscles in your chest get short and tight when your posture is poor? While your poor back muscles are getting overstretched and complaining the front muscles shrink.  The chest muscles don’t complain; they just get tight.

When you collapse forward you look older and you don’t feel as well.  You can’t breathe as well and all of your organs get squashed, too.

But you can start straightening up right now.  🙂  By stretching those chest muscles you can start getting your shoulders back where they belong and you can improve your posture.

Here are three easy ways to stretch your chest muscles to improve your posture.

1. Butterfly Stretch.  Lie near the edge of your bed.  Let your arm gently drop off edge of bed. (One arm at a time.)

Pretend your arm is a butterfly wing moving from your leg to your head. Turn your palm up while you do this movement, if you can.

You will feel stretching happening  in various places in the upper front of your arm and chest muscles. It’s okay to wait a little while when you feel something stretching to let it stretch.

I love doing exercises like this when laying down because gravity helps you stretch when you are on your back.

2. Doorway Stretch.  Many people like the doorway stretch because you can do it anytime.  Here’s how:  Lean into a doorway with your hands on the door frame. Position one hand on each side of the door frame.

Use three different heights for hand placement on the frame:  hands at hip height, at shoulder height and over your head.

Hold the door frame securely and lean forward. Watch the position of your head–you don’t want to lead with your head. Let your chest lead.

3.  Stretching Video:  And here’s a little video that will help you stretch your chest muscles (click this link)–>:  Stretch Chest Muscles Video.

As your chest muscles become lengthened your shoulders will be able to go back to their correct, neutral position and your posture will improve naturally.


How To Get Rid Of Muscle Pain Naturally

Muscle aches and pains bothering you?  First you have to figure out WHY you have muscle pain.  Look for patterns.

  • Is it all over your body or just in certain areas?
  • Does it only hurt after certain activities?
  • Do you wake up with it?
  • Or does it get worse over the day?

Let’s say your muscle pain is in one area only.

Some therapists, doctors and individuals try to get rid of the pain by treating the area that hurts.  But the answer is often not to attack only the area where it hurts because that area is just a symptom.

The answer is to get to the Continue reading


What Is The REAL Cause Of Your Pain

The real cause of your pain depends on whom you ask.  🙂

There are medical professionals who will say your pain may be caused by pressure on nerves.  Yes but what is causing the pressure?  Bones don’t move on their own and neither do discs.

There are professionals who will link your pain to muscles.  Yes but why are your muscles so unhappy that Continue reading