How To Make Your Body Love You By Eating Real Food

Waaaay back when humans first came into being, there were no Froot Loops or Cool Whip.  Everything that our ancestors was real.

And their bodies knew what to do with that food.  They got the minerals and vitamins and other micro-nutrients they needed as well as the fiber.  Their bodies were supported by the food they ate.

But what the heck are we eating now?

Did you know there is a huge industry devoted to making people buy things to eat because the ‘taste’ or ‘smell’ good?  And these lovely tastes and smells are made from yummy things like petroleum.

Good for your car but not for you.

Better living through chemistry?  Nope.

What are we to do?  How can we make our bodies healthy and happy? 

  • Eat real.
  • If your grandmother couldn’t grow it or harvest it, don’t eat it.
  • Eat lots of color–fruits & veggies.
  • Shop the perimeter of the supermarket where the raw and fresh foods are.
  • Only go to inside aisles for canned tomatoes, fish, whole grains and beans.
  • Take a good mineral supplement and vitamin supplement from a health food store.  Clay is a mineral supplement that you might find in a health food store.  I haven’t tried it yet but will.  Mix just a little with water.
  • Toss sugar, flour, fake fats and diet sweeteners.  Really.  Toss them.  It won’t hurt your pocketbook as much as it will hurt your body to keep them.
  • Sea salt has more minerals than table salt.
  • Real butter is real.  There are good fats like olive, coconut and avocado.
  • Eggs are health food.  Soy isn’t.

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Prunes for Strong Bones?

I happen to love prunes.  They taste like candy to me.  But not everyone feels the same way.  In fact, prunes have taken such a bad rap that now if you look for them in the market you may not find them.

What you MAY find is dried plums.  That is their newest name.  Regardless.  They still taste yummy.

Potassium and boron are two of the components of strong bones and guess what?  Prunes have lots of those two minerals.  Prunes also have Vitamin K and lots of great fiber.

Studies indicate that eating 5 to 10 of these lovely dried plums each day will help you have stronger bones.  Don’t eat them all at once but space them out over the day.

Seriously, please don’t eat 10 at once.

Trust me.


You Can Avoid A Stroke With These Steps

Strokes can be avoided if you take certain steps.  And you are more likely to have a stroke if you do certain things that bodies just don’t like.

This link (click here–>) Dr. Mercola’s goes to Dr. Mercola’s site.  When you read his article you will discover the steps you must take to improve your health and help prevent stroke.  🙂

He is the expert.  I am just the person who passes along needed information.

This IS important information for you to know.   These ARE steps that I take every day.  I hope you will, too.

I would be so happy if you didn’t have a stroke.


Natural Weight Loss Technique

Want an easy, all natural weight loss program?

It is really easy to lose weight if you take these steps:

1.  Only eat things that grew.

(Bread doesn’t grow, cereal didn’t grow, ice cream didn’t grow…you get the idea.)   😉

Fruits, vegetables, some meat or eggs or fish, whole grains like brown rice or whole oats–those are things that grew.  You can eat all the veggies you want, either raw or cooked.

Add a little olive oil or butter on cooked veggies if you want.  If you add salt try to make it sea salt.

Cook your whole grains.  Make them from scratch.  If you bring a pot to boil at bedtime and let the grains sit overnight in the covered pot they will be just right for breakfast.  Add an egg and you are good to go!

2.  Every day do active fun things like dance or walk or run or jump or swim.  Do the things you like the most and do them often.  If you can’t do such things, wiggle your toes, twist your hair, do seated leg lifts, swing your arms.  The point is to move!

Muscles love movement!

3.  Drink lots of water.  Make that your drink of choice.  That’s what your cells want.

Think about your pet.  If he ate chocolate ice cream and pop he wouldn’t be healthy.  His body would have trouble trying to process those things.  Your body is the same way.

Think about your car.  If you put milk in the engine it wouldn’t run.  Your engine (your body) needs the correct fuel just as your car does.

It’s hard for some people to eat the right foods because they don’t have enough money but for some of us it’s all about making the right choices.

And after a while you will really look forward to a piece of crunchy fruit or vegetable instead of a ‘goodie.’  I promise!

Leave a comment and let me know how this simple weight loss plan worked for you.


Coconut Oil Is A Saturated Fat That Makes You Healthy

Worried about saturated fats?  It turns out that some are actually good for you.  Coconut “oil” is one of the healthy ones.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature but melts easily to cook with or to spread on your toast, oatmeal or pancakes. And it has no trans-fats.  Trans-fats are what make saturated fats b-a-d.

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Vitamin D3 And Natural Back Pain Relief

One more benefit of Vitamin D3!

The “Sunshine Vitamin” reduces back pain.  At least, that is what we can determine from a study that said more than 80% of the people aged 15-52 were deficient in Vitamin D3.

If you turn that around, sounds to me like having sufficient Vitamin D3 helps keep you from having back pain.

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Is Aspartame Bad?

Wondering whether aspartame, an artificial sweetener, is bad for you?  Here’s my opinion:  You bet!

Years ago a client told me she had gone to a dentist who practiced headache and migraine relief.  He told her quit drinking diet soft drinks and if her headaches went away she would not owe him anything.

They went away.

Better living through chemistry?  Not necessarily.

Take care of your body and give it the good fuel it deserves.  Why?

Because you deserve to feel better.


Food Is Medicine–Eat Healthy and Skip The Disease

You really are what you eat.  Your body has certain needs (lots of them) and when you provide those nutritional needs it will function well.

You will rarely be sick.  You will enjoy good health.  Your body will be able to heal.

But when you don’t provide the nutrients that your body needs, whoops!!

Your car cannot run without the correct fuel.  Neither can your body.  Honest!

If you want to keep your sleek jazzy red sports car of a body running on all cylinders and all four tires, give it the right fuel–the healthy stuff.

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Easily Switch From Processed Foods To Healthier Foods For Better Health

How can you can easily switch from eating highly processed foods to eating healthier foods?  And what are “healthier foods”?  Well, the closer you can get to the way the food actually grew, the healthier it is.

The farther you get away from foods that are most natural–that means the most highly processed “foods”–the farther you get from good health.

There’s an awful lot of stuff in the stores being sold as “food.”  The problem is:  It’s not food.

And it doesn’t fool your body.  Not for one second.

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Natural Cure for Asthma by Dr. Mercola

If you have asthma–or your child does–the following article from Dr. Mercola may cure you.

Here’s why:  I was wheezing from the time I was 2 years old.  I was treated in the emergency room twice when I was a teenager because I could not breathe.  I “out grew” it when I was in my 50’s!

As an adult, beside using an “emergency” inhaler, I was on steroid or cortisone based inhalers for 20 years.  You read that correctly–20 years, most of them all year round.  And then I read they can weaken your bones.  That made me mad.  (That’s not the only damage they can do, either.)

I managed to wean myself off the drugs and Continue reading