Take Action and Get Rid of Pain Naturally

I received two emails this past week from people with extensive discomfort and pain.  The really cool thing is they were both thank-you notes from people who took action and are getting better.  Part of one is below.

Remember:  It doesn’t matter if you educate yourself about your pain and other uncomfortable symptoms unless you take action.

There is a saying that you can’t hire someone to do your sit-ups for you.  You have to do them yourself.  (But I am not a fan of sit-ups; just suck your belly into your spine and hold it.)

“I stumbled upon your site and was astonished at my complete ignorance about the mechanics of my own body – specifically how my neck, shoulders and arm were all so closely related.

When I read your article that explained how the muscles of the shoulder can become imbalanced – I knew I was on to something – you described many of my issues and the subsequent pain perfectly. I immediately put some of your tips into practice – the shoulder rolls, the arm circles and using the bed as a resistance training tool..and even though the movements were painful at first, I kept at it because it was a good pain, if that makes any sense.”

I have experienced and Continue reading


How To Get Rid Of Muscle Pain Naturally

Muscle aches and pains bothering you?  First you have to figure out WHY you have muscle pain.  Look for patterns.

  • Is it all over your body or just in certain areas?
  • Does it only hurt after certain activities?
  • Do you wake up with it?
  • Or does it get worse over the day?

Let’s say your muscle pain is in one area only.

Some therapists, doctors and individuals try to get rid of the pain by treating the area that hurts.  But the answer is often not to attack only the area where it hurts because that area is just a symptom.

The answer is to get to the Continue reading


What Is “Balance”

How can you achieve balance?  First, awareness of your un-balance helps.  Many of us have a vague feeling that something is just not quite right but don’t know why or what.

Is it your body?

If you were like most children, you had perfect posture.  You used all of your muscles and you used them often.  You crawled, jumped, climbed, ran, hopped.  You used ALL of your body.  But then you grew up.  And now?

Do you still use your muscles?  ALL of them?  No?  You may have muscular imbalance.  But I’m betting you can get it back. 🙂

Check out the articles at http://SimpleStrengthening.com for easy ways to strengthen your back.  (The muscles in backs tend to become weak and overstretched.  They need to be strong to hold you up.)

Is it your diet?

Bodies have lots of nutritional needs:  minerals, vitamins, sunshine and water.  Is your diet Continue reading


Massage Is The Best Drug In The World for Muscle Aches & Pains

Muscle aches and pain?  Except in emergencies, I always recommend the most natural, least invasive ways to feel better.  And very often that means I am recommending massage therapy.

I LOVE massage!

There is no better medicine and it is all 100% natural!  Over the years I have had many clients who said they didn’t want the drugs or the surgery; they wanted natural pain relief.  They wisely chose massage.

Massage therapy doesn’t have a full paragraph of side effects like almost every medicine does.  And it doesn’t leave a bad Continue reading


Tight Muscles Cause Pain – What’s The Cure

What happens if the muscles in your chest and shoulders are too tight?  Can this cause pain?

You bet!

And what about the muscles in your hips–your gluteal muscles?  Can they press on your sciatic nerve if they are “too tight” and cause sciatic pain?

You bet!

So what can you do to get rid of your pain? And what causes it, anyway?

Well, here’s the replay of an interview that explains a lot.  The Nurses’ Station (<–click here) interviewed me and we covered a lot of ground about the causes and natural cures for many different types of pain.