What’s The Difference Between Pain Relief and Pain Management?

Is there a difference between pain management and pain relief?

You often hear about “pain management clinics.”  When do you hear about “pain relief clinics?”

Sometimes people have a pain issue which can only be managed; it is not going to go away.  Instances might be cancer or a nerve which is entangled in a cyst.  There is pain.  It won’t be going away.  But it can be managed with drugs so the person can feel more comfortable.

But lots of times people have a type of pain which is caused by muscles or other soft tissue and which can be treated successfully.  Those people can truly have pain relief.

The problem is that most doctors don’t learn about the roles of soft tissues and muscles when they are in medical school or afterward.  And muscles are to blame for a huge proportion of our pain.

And muscles are treatable with pressure, touch or manual manipulations.  Massage therapy incorporates all of those.

But can all massage therapists provide pain relief?


But most can Continue reading


Massage Therapy Increases Quality of Life in Older Adults

Older adults get lots of benefits from receiving massage.  The complete abstract (abbreviated article) from http://PubMed.gov is below my comments here.  (PubMed comes from the National Institutes of Health.)
In a nutshell, it says the study was with people age 60 and older who had persistent pain.  It says they felt better physically and emotionally.  It also says massage may be worth looking into as a treatment for pain in older adults.
Well, I should say so!
Massage therapy is a wonderful treatment for pain and aches of all sorts.  And because Continue reading

Natural Relief For Low Back Pain

Suffering from lower back pain?  Here’s an article about a study that shows massage therapy helps more than conventional medical treatment.

Of course!  Massage helps get rid of all kinds of aches and pains.  Massage is natural medicine!  Natural and old.  Probably one of the first natural medicines ever, right?

Click this link to read the article:  Massage Helps Lower Back Pain Go Away

I love it!


Your Body Has A Tremendous Ability To Heal After An Accident

My client Joanie was in a serious car accident.  She called to tell me she has a pin in her shoulder and a cast on her leg and lots of bruises.  I’m going to visit her in the hospital later.  She wants to show me her injuries.

Her big question to me was whether her nerves would be permanently damaged.  I asked her if it hurts.  She said, “Yes.  A lot.”

I said, “That’s good.  Not good for you that it hurts but that means your nerves are working.  Lack of sensation is not good.  Pain is good.”

Pain is a message that something isn’t right.  Sometimes the message Continue reading


Massage Is The Best Drug In The World for Muscle Aches & Pains

Muscle aches and pain?  Except in emergencies, I always recommend the most natural, least invasive ways to feel better.  And very often that means I am recommending massage therapy.

I LOVE massage!

There is no better medicine and it is all 100% natural!  Over the years I have had many clients who said they didn’t want the drugs or the surgery; they wanted natural pain relief.  They wisely chose massage.

Massage therapy doesn’t have a full paragraph of side effects like almost every medicine does.  And it doesn’t leave a bad Continue reading


The Benefits Of Massage For The Massage Therapist

Massage therapy has tremendous benefits for people who receive it.

And guess what?  Massage not only benefits the person who receives the massage.  The person giving the massage also receives health benefits.

How cool is that?

Massage therapy is the most peaceful and healing profession I can think of.  Massage soothes and relaxes the mind and the body.

An interesting fact is that when muscle stress is reduced  minds feel better.  The mental stress that is caused by unhappy muscles goes away when the body has less pain.

And when a client comes in with pain and leaves feeling better, well, there’s hardly anything that can make you feel more satisfied.

Right now I am happy to be teaching future massage therapists about the art and science of massage.


Massage IS Medicine!

Massage is the oldest natural medicine in the world!

What exactly is massage?

Massage is the art/science/practice of rubbing or kneading or compressing  parts of the body to help with circulation and reduce muscle stress and mental stress.  This is usually and most beneficially done manually (by hand.)  Massage can also be accomplished with pressure from other parts like the feet or forearm.

The whole point is:  Your muscles and other soft tissues (rather than bony tissues) ALL benefit from being manipulated by massage. 🙂

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Deep Tissue Massage–Does It Have To Hurt

Every body is different.  And the person inside that body is different, too.

We all have different levels of pain tolerance.  Different emotions about pain.  And most of us know that a “deep tissue” massage may be exactly what we need.

But what if it hurts?

That’s a really good question.

When you go for a massage, talk with your massage therapist.  Ask questions.  Expect good answers.

Tell him or her if the pressure is too deep…or too light.  It’s your body.  You get to call the shots.

And then, too, there is something called “good pain.”  (Sounds strange, huh?)

Good pain is Continue reading


Does Massage Get Rid Of Pain

Can massage provide “pain relief” or is it just another type of “pain management”?  It depends.

Bodies are really logical.  They are smart.  They were designed to function in certain ways.

When we give them what they want and need they can heal and be well.  Sometimes what they need includes some muscle therapy.

What’s “muscle therapy”?

Sometimes it is massage therapy.  Sometimes stretching and strengthening.  Sometimes Continue reading


Massage Is Powerful Natural Pain Relief Remedy

Why do I believe so strongly in the power of massage for pain relief?

1.  Because it works. I have seen it work over and over.  IF…the therapist knows where to work, the causes of your pain, and can help you correct your posture.  Some do, some can’t; it depends on their training, personality and more.

2.  Because massage is OLD medicine!  It’s been around forever.

3.  Because it’s all natural.

You may have some tenderness or even bruising after a session of working on tight muscles.  That’s because Continue reading