Your Posture Is Causing Your Headaches!

Here you are reading this article about headaches and posture.  Stop!  Look at yourself.

How’s your posture?

Are you slumped and slouching?  Is your back rounded?

Where are your shoulders?  Are they hiked to your ears or rounded forward?

Are you sitting on your tailbone instead of on your sitbones?

Are you using a laptop?

Did you know that poor posture causes headaches?  I remember getting an email from a young woman a few years ago and she said Continue reading


Do Tight Muscles In Your Shoulders Cause Headaches?

Do you have tight muscles in your shoulders?  Do you have headaches?  Do you suspect they are related?

You bet they are!

The muscles on the tops of your shoulders are called the upper trapezius muscles.  They are responsible for causing headaches when they get tight and all knotted up.

They cause muscle strain headaches.  They can also Continue reading


What Is The Best Pillow To Use?

A “bad” pillow can be a real “pain in the neck.”

A temperature-sensitive type of foam pillow like Tempurpedic works well for many people.  There is a version with built in neck rolls.  Because of the type of foam, the pillow will be firmer in the winter than in the summer.

Tempurdic pillows can be pricey but there are similar versions by other companies that cost much less and feel much the same.

Or…you can create your own neck roll and flattish pillow from batts of fiberfill.  You can buy a batt at a fabric store or KMart.  Just unroll enough to fit under your neck comfortably. Fiberfill is really cheap so you can refresh your pillows easily.

I don’t sew so I just roll my homemade fiberfill neck roll into a pillow case.  You can make a few rolls in different sizes so when your neck ‘changes’ you can still be comfortable.

All the neck rolls I have ever tried have been waaaaay too high but by making my own I can have a comfortable night’s sleep.

I have lots more to say so here’s the link to another article for you with a lot more information about sleeping and pillows:


The Biggest Cause of Headaches and Migraines

What’s the biggest cause of migraines and headaches?  I believe the #1 cause is your muscles.

When muscles are tight they press on the nerves and blood vessels that go from the neck to your head.  When those nerves or blood vessels are pressed, they can cause head pain.

Additionally, muscles get trigger points.  Trigger points are hyper-irritable areas of muscle (or other soft tissue) that get a type of ‘knot’ that triggers pain elsewhere.

So trigger points in the muscles of your Continue reading


Headache in the Back of Your Head

What causes the headache in the back of your head?  Well, the most common cause is muscles.  Plain, old, everyday muscles!

And that’s good news because it means you can get rid of your muscle tension headaches.

Poor posture causes muscle strain.  Strained muscles PULL on your head.  They are Continue reading


What Causes The Headache In The Back Of Your Head?

Is muscle tension causing the headache in the back of your head?

If your head pain

  • came on suddenly
  • is rapidly increasing in intensity
  • is a type that you have never had before
  • and is very painful, please go to the emergency room right away.

If the doctor finds nothing, that is good news because it is most likely muscles.  And muscles are treatable naturally. 🙂

Most headaches are caused by muscle tension.  They are called tension headaches or, more accurately, muscle tension headaches.

Migraine headaches often Continue reading