What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Pain in your lower back is almost always caused by muscles.  Why?

Muscles move bones, joints and disks in your spine.  Muscles are the prime movers of your body!  You can move only  because you have muscles.

Yay, muscles!!

On the other hand, when your muscles get out of balance–too strong on one side of your body and too weak on the other then we don’t say, “Yay, muscles!”

We say, “Ouch!”

Dang muscles causing low back pain.

Well, it’s not their fault.  They wouldn’t be unhappy and complaining if Continue reading


How to Get the Curve Back Into Your Lower Back

When you were learning to walk you had a curve behind your waist.  It curved toward your tummy.  That curve is what allowed you to learn to walk.

What happened next?

Maybe you starting watching television–a LOT of television.  Or sitting at a little desk.  Maybe it fit you, maybe it didn’t.  You went to school and sat way too much and moved way too little.  You started slouching.

And you started losing Continue reading