How Do You Strain Your Upper Back Muscles?

Got an achy upper back?  Neck hurts?  Wondering how that happened?

Here’s the link to an article at Simple Back Pain Relief that will give you answers to that burning question.  (Sometimes it does feel like those neck muscles are burning, doesn’t it?  Muscles can feel like that.)

Just click the link, right below.


Pain Between Your Shoulder Blades? How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Blade Pain

If I were to ask you what causes the pain between your shoulder blades, what would you say?

Would you tell me it was stress?  Overwork?  Old age?  Arthritis?  Or your nerves or bones?

Would you be surprised if I told you that the cause of pain between your spine and shoulder blades was most likely…in most cases…muscles?

But, not any old muscles.

Overstretched muscles cause most back pain, especially pain between your shoulder blades.

Pain between your shoulder blades and spine can occur on both sides or just one side, depending on how you use your body.  Some people only get shoulder blade pain on their dominant side.  That means if they are right-handed, the right side of the back will hurt.

When your muscles are continually overstretched, they have Continue reading