Why Do You Have Knots In Your Back?

Are you wondering why you have muscle “knots” in your back?  It’s pretty simple when you understand how your body works.

I am always really, really happy when I can help people understand how their bodies work and the simple steps they can take to feel better.  Here’s an email that I just received from “Joe” who had knots in his back.  (Joe bought my Knots In Your Back program):

I have received everything just like you said. I have already viewed half of the entire program. The educational part is worth every penny, I am more educated as to why I am so knotty. I mostly worked the front side of my body which left my back just fighting to keep alignment and causing the knots. I will work on a more balanced strengthening program. Again thank you so much!!

You see, Joe understands now WHY his back hurt–WHY he is experiencing tight muscles and knots in his back–and he knows what steps to take to get rid of those miserable knots.

It always frustrates me when practioners blast away on areas of tightness that cannot relax–but they keep blasting and blasting–and then you end up sore and still have the knot!

Bodies are logical.  If something hurts there is most likely a logical reason but these reasons are not widely known or widely taught in medical school.  Here’s a clue for you:  If your back is tight and feels like it has a “knot” that is usually a symptom!  The actual reason is in front of your body.

The muscles in the front of your chest, abdomen and neck have become short and tight.  Even the fronts of your thighs!  They don’t complain but they do pull on your back and cause pain.

Having a strong back will help prevent back pain and muscle knots.  Having long muscles in front will also help prevent pain and knots.  Strengthen your back and lengthen your front side to help get rid of those miserable knots in your back.


Natural Back Pain Relief

I just got my hands on a brand new book written by medical doctor Norman J. Marcus.  His treatment of back pain is somewhat different than my usual recommendations for therapeutic massage because he uses electrical devices BUT he treats back pain the very same way I recommend:  He looks to the muscles!

Muscles are responsible for most of our pain.  But most doctors don’t know this.  That makes it really hard for you to get a good diagnosis when you have pain.

Please don’t get me wrong–I love doctors and surgeons!  I wouldn’t be here writing today if not for their skill and talent and training.

But if your doctor doesn’t understand the true cause of your pain he or she will probably suggest medications or surgery.  Maybe physical therapy first.  That’s good.  But then the physical therapist also has to understand the true cause of your pain and treat you as an individual with a unique body.

Tight muscles and trigger points cause a lot of grief.  That’s why I recommend the self-help Trigger Point Books on the right hand side of this page.

That’s why I created programs to help you get rid of the Knots In Your Back and your Carpal Tunnel Pain. And that’s why I promote other good programs that will help you get rid of your pain naturally.

That’s why I write and write, sharing what I know so you can feel better.

Anyway, here’s the link to a review of the good doctor’s book.  End Your Back Pain Forever.


What Causes Muscle Knots In Your Upper Back?

What IS the most common cause of muscle knots in your upper back?

When muscles are stretched too far too often they develop “knots.”  Those knots are a special type of contraction that keep the muscles from being stretched too far and injured. This is the most common cause of muscle knots.

This type of knot doesn’t relax well when someone presses on it.  It cannot relax because it’s already stretched too far.

A different type of knot occurs when you are actively using a muscle.  For instance, if you are carrying something that causes you to hike your shoulder and get a knot on the top of your shoulder.  That knot is a ‘normal’ contraction and will respond well to pressure.

What’s inside muscle knots?

Nothing but muscle tissue is inside.  There are some chemical changes in the tissues but there is nothing to squeeze or cut out.

How can you get rid of those miserable knots in your upper back?

The over-stretched type of knot needs treatment in many places to help it relax.  You cannot have someone blast away on it because it can’t relax that way.  Rather, you have to go on a search for tight and tender areas that surround the knot.  After you relax those muscles then the knot can relax, too.

The most common places to find tight muscles that are causing your upper back knots are:

  • On the front side of your ribs.
  • On the side of your ribs.
  • Lower on your back, below your arm pit.
  • On your upper arm.
  • Your upper chest where it attaches to your arm.
  • Your neck muscles.

Press into those areas looking for tightness and tenderness.  Press into the muscle not just the skin.  Pressure is a type of massage that can help those areas relax.

If you can’t effectively massage or press into those areas a skilled massage therapist can help.  But be careful:  If a therapist is not very skilled he or she will blast away on the knot and it won’t help.  You may have to direct the therapist where to work  if that is the case or just go to someone else.

You can discover more about getting rid of those miserable knots in your upper back by downloading a free report from me at Knots In Your Back.

The hardest area for you yourself to help relax are the muscles on your neck.  When you move your arms, they tend to tighten.  I cover those muscles in the Knots In Your Back program.

You can also find lots of articles about the knots in your upper back at Simple Back Pain Relief.






Muscle Strain In Your Upper Back–Why Do You Have Tight Shoulder Muscles?

I’ll bet you have tight muscles in your upper back and neck.  That’s called muscle strain and most people have it.

Some people have it all the time and some people only have it occasionally.

What Causes Muscle Strain?

Your head is supposed to sit over your spine just like a toddler’s head does.  The problem is, for one reason or another, when we are passed toddlerhood, our heads move forward.

Your head is heavy!  Now your muscles have to work to hold up your heavy head.  When you were a toddler your spine bones held it up.

The job of bones is to hold us in the correct place.  However, when we get out of the correct, neutral posture then your muscles take over the job of bones.

And that’s not the job of muscles.  Their job is to help you move not to hold you up.

So your muscles get strained.  They are working too hard.  They are not happy.

Your tight shoulder muscles are a symptom; they are complaining.  That’s what symptoms are:  complaints.

How Can You Get Rid Of Muscle Strain?

1.  Take the strain off the neck and back muscles by improving your posture.  Sit up straight.  Stand up straight.  How can you do that?  Lift your breastbone.  Pretend there is a string attached to your breastbone and it is pulling you up to the sky.

2.  Strengthen your back muscles.  The muscles in the front of your body are already tight and short even though they don’t complain.

3.  Stretch the muscles in the front of your body.

You can learn an easy way to do #2 and #3 by watching this little video.

And here are 6 ways to help your shoulders relax:  http://www.simplebackpainrelief.com/upper-back-pain/shoulder-pain/tight-shoulders-here-are-6-ways-to-help-your-shoulders-relax/ 

There are lots of upper back pain relief articles at that website.  Spend some time and look around.  You CAN get rid of the muscles strain in your upper back naturally.


Bodies Need Balance–Strong Chest Muscles Can Cause Knots In Your Back

Knots in your back can be caused by overstretch of back muscles.  When the back muscles are overstretched they complain.  They get knots or give you pain in some other way.

Poor posture is the most common cause for upper back muscle strain but here’s another aggravating factor.

This note came to me from a reader who had muscle knots in his back.

I discovered that my pain came from unbalanced exercise. I have in the past and was again doing a push-up regimen. Without strengthening the counter-balancing upper back muscles, my push-ups were causing imbalance and thus pain. I’m now doing a more balanced workout and feeling fine.

It’s much more common that our back muscles are weak.  If you spend lots of time on the chest muscles making them look and be big and strong, they can easily overrule your back muscles.

We need strong back sides from the knees to the base of the skull.  That will help keep you from having knots in your back.

There are many more articles for you at Simple Back Pain Relief.com  Check it out!  🙂


What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Pain in your lower back is almost always caused by muscles.  Why?

Muscles move bones, joints and disks in your spine.  Muscles are the prime movers of your body!  You can move only  because you have muscles.

Yay, muscles!!

On the other hand, when your muscles get out of balance–too strong on one side of your body and too weak on the other then we don’t say, “Yay, muscles!”

We say, “Ouch!”

Dang muscles causing low back pain.

Well, it’s not their fault.  They wouldn’t be unhappy and complaining if Continue reading


Natural Relief For Low Back Pain

Suffering from lower back pain?  Here’s an article about a study that shows massage therapy helps more than conventional medical treatment.

Of course!  Massage helps get rid of all kinds of aches and pains.  Massage is natural medicine!  Natural and old.  Probably one of the first natural medicines ever, right?

Click this link to read the article:  Massage Helps Lower Back Pain Go Away

I love it!


You Can Get Rid Of Your Upper Back Pain Naturally

Do you have knots in your upper back, headaches or strain in your shoulder muscles?  Or do you have any other upper body pain?

I have good news for you!

This type of pain is almost always caused by your muscles or your posture.  And they can be corrected naturally and relatively easily. 🙂

Sometimes people notice an immediate change.

I got an email last Continue reading


What Is Inversion Therapy And Does Inversion Get Rid Of Back Pain?

What is inversion?  Is it really therapy?  Does it help get rid of back pain?

Gravity is always pressing down on us.  Always.  And over time the space between our joints can get less.

Hanging upside down (inversion) or reclining at an angle reverses this aging process.

I used to have inversion boots that hooked over a bar in a doorway.  The only problem was that I could not get my feet UP to get the hooks OVER the bar!

So that didn’t work.  🙁

But I did want to take Continue reading


Vitamin D3 And Natural Back Pain Relief

One more benefit of Vitamin D3!

The “Sunshine Vitamin” reduces back pain.  At least, that is what we can determine from a study that said more than 80% of the people aged 15-52 were deficient in Vitamin D3.

If you turn that around, sounds to me like having sufficient Vitamin D3 helps keep you from having back pain.

Every time I read about Vitamin D3 it has another Continue reading