What Is Arthritis And Does Arthritis Cause Joint Pain?

Do you have “joint pain?”  It may caused by “wear and tear” arthritis.  Arthritis is bony growth or spurs on the bones where muscles attach.

Or maybe it is NOT caused by arthritis.

Most pain is caused by muscles and muscles are fixable.  This is true even if your doctor sees arthritic changes on an x-ray. 

We all have bony changes but we do not all have pain!

Joint pain is often really muscle pain.  We think it’s joint pain because that’s where we feel it–in the joint.

But here’s the cool thing:

When you ‘release’ or relax the muscles that cross over the joint, the pain goes away.  You can relax the muscles with massage, self-massage, heat or cold.

Have you heard me say that bodies heal all the time?  That’s just because it’s true!  🙂

And that goes for joint pain, too.

When you skin your knee or cut yourself you can watch it heal over the course of several days.  But when the pain is inside, you can’t see it heal.

But it can and it does.

Bodies heal all the time.  That includes arthritic aches and pains.

But you have to give Continue reading


What Causes Bone Spurs?

Do you have bone spurs?   There are simple reasons for this.  Here’s an article that will explain how bone spurs develop in your neck and spine.  It works the same way all over the body.


Most of us have bone spurs.  They can happen anywhere a muscle attaches to a bone.  In fact, that’s the only place they DO occur.  And if you have pain, these spurs may show up on x-rays.  The doctor may say, “You have arthritis.”

But just because a spur is visible on a test does not mean that it is the cause of your pain!

The problem is that when a doctor sees something like a spur he or she thinks:  “That must be the cause of the pain!”

Unfortunately, most doctors don’t learn much about muscles when they are in med school.  They might learn ways to treat bone spurs but they don’t learn about the cause of the spur. They just may say you have arthritis.

Go read the article about bone spurs to discover more.


Arthritis At The Joint Of The Thumb

You have pain in the base of your thumb.  Is it arthritis?  Is it a problem with the bones?

Or could it be a muscle issue?

The good news is:

Most of the time pain is caused by muscles.  That’s good news because muscles can be treated with massage and pressure and they can get better.  When your muscles are happy, your pain goes away.

But that’s my opinion.  And the opinion of lots of great minds in the bodywork & natural medicine fields.  In fact, I learned it from them.  🙂

Here’s an article (<–click here) from a conventional medical doctor.

It’s an interesting article for several reasons.  One of the reasons that Continue reading