How to Get the Curve Back Into Your Lower Back

When you were learning to walk you had a curve behind your waist.  It curved toward your tummy.  That curve is what allowed you to learn to walk.

What happened next?

Maybe you starting watching television–a LOT of television.  Or sitting at a little desk.  Maybe it fit you, maybe it didn’t.  You went to school and sat way too much and moved way too little.  You started slouching.

And you started losing the curve in your lower back.

There is a really cool product that I use and like called Nada Chair.  It kind of harnesses you between your knees and your waist behind your body.  It pulls you into that nice curve like you used to have.

Here’s the link: (I am not affiliated with this company.)

It helps you to sit upright and provides support for those times when you don’t have a backrest on a chair.  And that helps prevent muscle tension headache, backaches and other aches and pains.

Using the Nada Chair is one way to start feeling better and getting the curve in your low back to come back.

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