You Can Get Rid Of Your Upper Back Pain Naturally

Do you have knots in your upper back, headaches or strain in your shoulder muscles?  Or do you have any other upper body pain?

I have good news for you!

This type of pain is almost always caused by your muscles or your posture.  And they can be corrected naturally and relatively easily. 🙂

Sometimes people notice an immediate change.

I got an email last week from a woman who said exactly that.  She just didn’t realize that she was actually causing her upper back pain.  But when she did the shoulder blade squeeze she could feel the difference.

But sometimes people don’t feel better right away.

Sometimes they feel a little bit stiffer or more sore but in a different way.  That’s just because your body is doing something different and your muscles are still adapting to their new position.  It will only take a couple of weeks to adapt and start feeling better–if you are doing the correct thing.

There are a lot of articles at that will help you understand the causes of your upper body pain and learn how to get rid of your upper back pain naturally.


7 thoughts on “You Can Get Rid Of Your Upper Back Pain Naturally

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  2. i have this pain in my upper shoulder back area it feels like it burns and it makes me feel really unconcentrated and i have really bad lower back problems I literally dont know what streches are good for your back pain ..the pain is annoying:(

  3. Hello Karina,

    When it feels like ‘burning’ pain in that area that means the muscles are complaining strongly because they are being over-stretched.

    Is it only on one side? If so, that’s probably the side that you use your arm the most. That would indicate that your chest and upper muscles are pulling so much (because they are tight and strong from being used so much.) What do they pull? Your upper back muscles.

    Is it on both sides? That would indicate that your posture is poor and your head is way in front of your body (instead of over your shoulders.) That strains upper back muscles, too.

    The pain in your lower back depends on whether you have ‘too much’ curve in your lower back or ‘too little’. We definitely want a curve behind our waist but it has to be ‘just right’–not too much or too little.

    So the correct stretches for you would depend on what you need for your situation, Karina.

    There are lots of articles at that will give you more information.

    And there is a really good program at

    You might not think you want the program, and that’s ok, but please look at the pictures at that site. They will help you understand how your curve should be and what can cause low back pain. Also, there is a section on that site about exercises and why they don’t help everyone. (Because we need what our individual body needs, not ‘one size fits all.’)

    Please always feel free to contact me again with more questions or information about exactly how it hurts and where your back pain is. My goal is to help you get rid of your back pain naturally.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  4. I have a really bad pain in my upper back and I tried everything on the website, but nothing works! Any other ways?

  5. He Juliet,

    Have you gone to There are lots of articles there that I wrote about upper back pain. Usually it’s poor posture that causes pain in the upper back but sometimes it is the way we sleep or even a sharp movement or injury.

    If you don’t find something there that sounds helpful for your specific pain, please contact me again and give me really specific details about your painful area. I’m glad you are trying things and I believe you will find natural relief for your upper back pain.

    The Pain Relief Coach

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