Muscle Strain In Your Upper Back–Why Do You Have Tight Shoulder Muscles?

I’ll bet you have tight muscles in your upper back and neck.  That’s called muscle strain and most people have it.

Some people have it all the time and some people only have it occasionally.

What Causes Muscle Strain?

Your head is supposed to sit over your spine just like a toddler’s head does.  The problem is, for one reason or another, when we are passed toddlerhood, our heads move forward.

Your head is heavy!  Now your muscles have to work to hold up your heavy head.  When you were a toddler your spine bones held it up.

The job of bones is to hold us in the correct place.  However, when we get out of the correct, neutral posture then your muscles take over the job of bones.

And that’s not the job of muscles.  Their job is to help you move not to hold you up.

So your muscles get strained.  They are working too hard.  They are not happy.

Your tight shoulder muscles are a symptom; they are complaining.  That’s what symptoms are:  complaints.

How Can You Get Rid Of Muscle Strain?

1.  Take the strain off the neck and back muscles by improving your posture.  Sit up straight.  Stand up straight.  How can you do that?  Lift your breastbone.  Pretend there is a string attached to your breastbone and it is pulling you up to the sky.

2.  Strengthen your back muscles.  The muscles in the front of your body are already tight and short even though they don’t complain.

3.  Stretch the muscles in the front of your body.

You can learn an easy way to do #2 and #3 by watching this little video.

And here are 6 ways to help your shoulders relax: 

There are lots of upper back pain relief articles at that website.  Spend some time and look around.  You CAN get rid of the muscles strain in your upper back naturally.