Bodies Need Balance–Strong Chest Muscles Can Cause Knots In Your Back

Knots in your back can be caused by overstretch of back muscles.  When the back muscles are overstretched they complain.  They get knots or give you pain in some other way.

Poor posture is the most common cause for upper back muscle strain but here’s another aggravating factor.

This note came to me from a reader who had muscle knots in his back.

I discovered that my pain came from unbalanced exercise. I have in the past and was again doing a push-up regimen. Without strengthening the counter-balancing upper back muscles, my push-ups were causing imbalance and thus pain. I’m now doing a more balanced workout and feeling fine.

It’s much more common that our back muscles are weak.  If you spend lots of time on the chest muscles making them look and be big and strong, they can easily overrule your back muscles.

We need strong back sides from the knees to the base of the skull.  That will help keep you from having knots in your back.

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