What Causes Bone Spurs?

Do you have bone spurs?   There are simple reasons for this.  Here’s an article that will explain how bone spurs develop in your neck and spine.  It works the same way all over the body.


Most of us have bone spurs.  They can happen anywhere a muscle attaches to a bone.  In fact, that’s the only place they DO occur.  And if you have pain, these spurs may show up on x-rays.  The doctor may say, “You have arthritis.”

But just because a spur is visible on a test does not mean that it is the cause of your pain!

The problem is that when a doctor sees something like a spur he or she thinks:  “That must be the cause of the pain!”

Unfortunately, most doctors don’t learn much about muscles when they are in med school.  They might learn ways to treat bone spurs but they don’t learn about the cause of the spur. They just may say you have arthritis.

Go read the article about bone spurs to discover more.